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Hello Friends,

So wonderful to meet you.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog(s) I am most humbled.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my insights.  I also welcome your comments and revelations.  There is by no means only one way to look at anything in this grand universe, and the more we work together the better we can co-create a happier, joyful, and healthier life for ourselves and for the well-being of everyone else we touch…

with grateful blessings,

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Since I love to write, I have taken it to the next level with my books:  They can be purchased directly from me or on Amazon.

My Eyes are Open

My Heart is Open”

“Resilience in the Storm: and “Stepping into Courage” – I was part of this project to provide one chapter in each book with other talented writers- it was a grand opportunity for me.