Rewriting Your Story


Many of us have beliefs that unknowingly sabotage who we think we are. Due to our early childhood conditioning the stage of life gets set for how we see ourselves and what we choose to believe we can and can’t do. It is as if the pure innocence of our wonder and curiosity is stifled and forgotten as we grow into adolescence.  Eventually, adult life settles in and we embark on our journeys developing perceptions and perspectives that shape and mold our thought patterns, behaviors, words and actions. (Mostly comprised of other people’s opinions and beliefs that we were just too immature to question at the time).

In my many years of therapeutic interactions I have found that most people want a better life, a more fulfilling life, one more in harmony with their desires and dreams.  The question remains how do we do this?

I have come to believe that this universe equips us with ability to always access our inner wisdom. So, why are we not taking absolute advantage of this opportunity, this gift of truth?  Why are we settling for things that are so much less than we are worthy and deserving of?  Why are we limiting our potential by not standing in our dignity, showing up and being responsibility for our words and actions? And, most importantly, why are we giving our power away by not harnessing our innate strength and capacity of human kindness and love for all residents of this planet? Have we forgotten humility and respect towards one another? I Can’t help but ask where is the disconnect? I believe it exists when we do not connect with our inner wisdom.

Isn’t a drop of water from the ocean still part of the ocean?  It is not any less than the ocean.  It is just an individual droplet simply presented as part of the whole.

Let’s look deeper into this…

Did you know that we are not separate from Universe/God/Divinity; we are just an individualized expression of this grand magnificence. You are a divine child of the universe. We have always been and will always a beautiful expression of the CREATOR. This creator is our quiet voice the one that resides in us all, willing to guide us… if we ask – this voice is just waiting patiently for our attention.

Did you know that you are never alone, although it may appear that way for some people, it is simply is just untrue. Seek solace within yourself for that is where your power and deepest wisdom lies. Take but a moment of your precious day to meet the amazing you.  Did you know that you are wonderful, kind, loving and have so much to offer this world? If no one ever told you this, it is high time you tell yourself the truth.

We all have to start somewhere to replenish, rejuvenate and rebirth our true selves. So, might I suggest this year of 2020, we begin to rewrite our stories, more in alignment with the deepest wisdom/intuition that has always be here for us. This quiet voice is ready to be heard, please give yourself the gift of your own inner friend- and… It all begins with Self-Love.

                                                                                                                                                              May I suggest to: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. 

Let’s considering writing a letter to our amazing young self, no one needs to see it, just you. It doesn’t matter what you have or have not accomplished in your life at this point in time. Tell yourself all the wonderful words it longs to hear.  This may sound silly, but it is so healing and helpful to be gentle and kind with your heart. There is a little child inside of us who longs to hear wonderful words of compassion and love. And, if you did not grow up in a family that told you this, please do not blame them, no one ever told them these beautiful words, so they could not pass on this gift to you.

But you now have the chance to change everything with one kind word to yourself at a time… this is a process which dramatically shifted my heart of emotional pain one tear at a time…

Now is the moment to change the cycle of past sadness, neglect, victim-hood, low self-esteem, etc.… Stand in your confident power and celebrate the wonderful you. Even you can’t find one thing you love about yourself…maybe you could just be grateful for just your breath. Without it- there would be no you…

Forget what any negative people say about you, it’s their opinion, the only opinion that matters is yours. Do your best to dwell on good thoughts, look at pictures that make you happy, or think of joyful times in your life to help set the stage for your letter writing. There is no perfect way to do this, just breath and write to the little one in your heart. Speak to yourself as you would a young child, after all, that is the best way to help you heal any inner wounds.  Tell “little him” or “little her” you as so sorry for all they have been through and you are so proud of how they survived it all.  Tell them you are here to take care of them and love them no matter what.

Please, take time to do this…

This is not about perfection, it is about an authentic self-expression, and an opening of you heart-space to invite more love, joy, and peace in your body, mind and spirit. You deserve kind words; words that make you feel special, nourished and loved. Just by taking this one step you open the door to begin a healing process of whatever hurts inside….

I honor you, love you and have the utmost of reverence for you journey. Be still, listen and hold that child near and dear for she/he is the unraveling of your sweet innocence and purity.

In love and light dear kindred spirit…



Mixed Messages


Isn’t it interesting how life shows up one way yet we may interpret it as something totally different?  Do we become accustomed to thinking they are doing something wrong?  After all, our desires aren’t showing the way they wanted them too, and life just didn’t seem to feel as joyous as we thought it would.  And, on some days it really feels like life is kicking them in the butt with our relationships, finances, physical health and emotional well-being. Do you feel this way sometimes? Trust me you are not alone. Many people are distraught with their circumstances and don’t know how to move ahead.

I can’t help but wonder could this all be for very good reasons? Is there a bigger plan that we cannot see as of yet?

Now… many years and tears later I have come to believe life wants our attention by helping us to understand that we need to: “stop settling for less, stop feeling unworthy, worthiness, undeserving, and stop believing we can’t do the things we want to do.” All these dis-empowering perceptions and misunderstandings are ripping the very fabric of our trust and faith into shreds.

So many of our childhoods were fed by these “Fear Based Egoic Patterns.” I understand that everyone was doing their best with the resources and consciousness they embodied at the time; Nevertheless, many of us received mixed messages about how to live happily, peacefully and in harmony with life offerings. We do have choices- Do we stay on this roller coaster of reacting to everything being thrown to us? Or, do we make a commitment to take responsibility for our lives and begin a process of releasing the old baggage and welcome in new ways of believing and being.

It takes courage and a willingness to want something better, even much better for yourself.  Is it possible? Absolutely! But this means spending important time and effort to change deep seated patterns and paradigms with subconscious programs that just aren’t serving our well-being.  The question remains do you want serious change? And, are you willing to take charge of your life and step into you power with no turning back? If your is answer no I wish you the best because the ride will continue to throw you all over the place, that is until you take the reins and navigate in the direction of your soul’s highest destiny.

Scary? For some yes, but when you want positive change and are determined to improve your life for the better you learn to open your heart, embrace the hills and valleys, and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Cultivating faith and trust is essential since it takes much patience to change familiar patterns deep within your reality.

I am a living example of a 360-degree positive change in perceptions, perspectives, beliefs, and behaviors. I had to fall apart into a thousand pieces of emotional pain and purging to open my heart to welcome tremendous healing. But I knew underneath it all, I instinctively knew life was meant to be happy, not always, but most of the time. In this temporary human experience adversity shows from time to time it all helps you to  strengthen you weaknesses and become more resilient and self confident.

There is a multitude of books out there to help you shape and unravel your belief system into a more well-balanced outlooks more in alignment with joy, love and peace. Consider looking at books by authors: Neal Donald Walsch, Matt Kahn, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, I also have a few published books to open you mind, body and spirit – “My Eyes are Open”, “My Heart is Open” etc.

Do take the leap of faith and enrich your life for the better. You are so worthy of positive change and like a pebble in the lake, the ripple effect will help to change your life for the better and open doors that you could never have imagined. A special Thank You for your commitment to being the best you!

We do not have to live life with mixed messages because one day you will fully realize the only message that leads to you highest destiny is the one that is always trying to get you attention, so gently known as the “Divinity” already inherent in your every breath.

All for love,


Love Without an Agenda

cute-couple-love-holding-umbrella-with-many-hearts_43880-260Loving without it an agenda is a true way to live with honor and dignity. When I was a little girl, I came to understand that when you met someone who you really liked and you shared some common interests then you could fall in love, and maybe even get married someday. It was an easy, gentle mindset and seemed so innocent at the time. Such a pure way of thinking without expectations, only an gentle open heart. So very special and effortless to just embrace things as they just show up, free of agenda and condition.                                Without judgments or tainted opinions of others, is a most happy and carefree way of being. When you grow up into adulthood all of these early thoughts and fairy tale dreams seemed to get thrown out the window somehow.

I wonder what causes people to change? And… why do so many conditions now have to be in place before we let our hair down and be our authentic selves? Why is it so hard to be vulnerable and open ourselves up to the gentleness, kindness and a carefree way of  believing, trusting and flowing with life? 

Could it be that our experiences have led us to people who have hurt, devastated,  abandoned, and neglected us?  I have come to believe that this and many other things have helped people to build up emotional walls. For many of us there is underlying need to protect and keep ourselves safe from the cruel cold dark world.

My own personal experiences lead me to believe that if could just hide in my shell from everybody no one could hurt, neglect, disrespect, or abandon me anymore. Over many years and with much inner healing I finally came to the realization that this way of thinking and believing was keeping me stuck. Old fearful patterns of childhood conditioning and trauma along with ancestral baggage from long ago blocked me from moving forward in a happy and joyful life. Think about it, what things do you feel keep you cycling in unhappiness?

Human nature demonstrates very clearly that people are going to be who they are going to be, AND it has nothing to do with us.  How others choose to behave, act and speak are representations of their experiences (which may include repressed anger, neglect, abandonment, victim hood and other less than loving circumstances),  In all truth many people may not know they repressing their emotions so they may avoid, run away, suppress or deny the inner pain. This pain can be projected towards us…this is where our discernment steps in; we can either take other peoples words personally, which by the way I did for many years, or we can confidently realize their stuff does not belong to us, Its NOT ours, so why the heck are we claiming it by reacting and causing ourselves alot of misery. What people say about us is THEIR opinion.  Remember the only one who makes a decision about who we choose to be is US.  When you get this you will be saved from a lot of distress and unhappiness.

I now use my discernment with relationships and make healthy choices and about who is loving, nourishing and supporting in my life, and who is not.  Discernment it is not judgement,  it is a way of using our power to align with the things that are more in harmony with our own natural state of being. Setting boundaries in relationships is not only healthy, it demonstrates the love and care you have your yourself. 

Toxic people, toxic experiences and other negative situations are going to present themselves in life.  So it is up to us to take responsibility in how we then choose to respond and that will then play itself out in “our” life.  The distinction here is that we are not walking away from people- we just give them permission to save themselves by stepping into responsibility in owing their feelings, words an actions.  I love what spiritual leader Matt Kahn says so eloquently, “we do not become other people’s Emotional, Physical or Energetic punching bags.” We stand for what we know to be true, align with our best self, and move forward in the direction of our soul’s highest destiny.

Listen to you’re in Intuition/wisdom as much as you can as this is key to living a most fulfilling life in harmony with the love, peace and joy so easily in alignment with your natural state of being.  This is what we should be teaching our children so they can then instill it in all aspects of their lives. It would have a dramatic effect on their confidence, communication/self expression. Connecting with our intuition, our inner guidance system can very clearly show us that we really do have everything we need inside of us to navigate the waters of life.

When we live a life free of condition we can easily let our hair down and be the best version of who were meant to be, not only for ourselves, but with everyone else we touch. Maybe those early childhood dreams of accepting people without an agenda has more credence that we give it, for when we open our heart, the door curiosity, wonder and emotional freedom unfolds for us to walk through with love, dignity and sense of childlike innocence.

Loving you unconditionally,







kalidscope inage                   kaleidoscope-95

As a kid I always found kaleidoscopes to be so interesting. You just turn the dial and the perception of what you’re seeing changes, and, if you just move even a few inches to the right or left, and turn the dial again the glass pieces rearrange to give you another grand display of beauty.  These colors, and shapes, give a complete picture that is always transforming and shifting into something new.

If we apply this simple knowledge to our daily life who knows what grand shifts can happen. Just by being willing to change our perceptions and perspectives our reality will change before our very eyes just like the glass pieces of the kaleidoscope. Sometimes it doesn’t take very much thought to vary our perceptions, it could be just a simple shift in our interpretation. This can have a dramatic impact in our reality.

Of course, our experiences play a large role as to how we develop our behaviors, attitudes and mindset. Our beliefs tell us what we are seeing and this can sometimes lead to confusion especially if the outcomes are less than desirable. If our beliefs are harmonious with our intuition, we will feel happy and peaceful.

The cycle of getting stuck in a certain way of thinking can really block our joy and serenity. We can really make positive steps forward when we look at things with more of an open mind and a heart-centered approach as this is a reflection of going with the flow in essence, our natural state of being.

All of our conditioning from early on in childhood plays a very big role in how we speak up, show up and confidently be our best self. There is not necessarily a wrong or right here, it’s just a way of looking at things and knowing that what you look at and perceive really impacts our outcomes. When you can understand this one concept you can truly change your life for the better.

As young children we relied on every one else to shape, mold, and teach us- we came to understand that the world is as the “adults” tell it is. -but as we mature and embrace more and more experiences our views are ever changing and expanding with new thought patterns and paradigms. There will never be only one way to interpret things as there is an infinite number of outcomes that could occur with any given circumstance. And, since our outcomes are truly a reflection of our everyday thought patterns and way of being- Wouldn’t it be in our best interest to cultivate and create thoughts that help us to feel most Inspired, happy and peaceful?

My dear kindred spirits this is in your hands, it is your responsibility to help create the life you deserve and are worthy of… The past is the past let it go-reap the important lessons you have learned and then take the next step to move forward.  Blaming, shaming, and punishing yourself and others really gets you nowhere. It reminds me of a hamster spinning on a wheel round and round remaining in cycles that keep us stuck. Not only do Feel distressed you become mentally and physically exhausted.

May I suggest taking your intelligent mind and spend some time with your amazing self by listening to the inner workings of a complex and very powerful wisdom that resides within you. It is free for the taking, that is, if we are willing to honor your deepest integrity and dignity.

Just as a kaleidoscope turns and shifts the perception of what we is seen, we too have the ability to step into a variety of perceptions about how we view our-self and the world around us. The truth of life lies within us and when we choose the road of our higher self/our divine nature shines brightly. You can always be in a place of peaceful freedom.

Life is never meant to be stagnant and if it feels that way consider taking a deeper look into how you are perceiving your experiences. There is never only one path there is a multitude of choices each bringing its own distinct and very different outcome. Aligning with your external circumstances will bring you many lessons to learn from, aligning with your true nature,  your authenticity, will bring you much more peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.

Now this doesn’t mean adversity and hard times may not come forth, what it does mean is- you will have the strength and resiliency to know how to navigate the rough roads because you’ve cultivated a foundation of clarity, inner peace, resiliency and happiness. My friends it is time to create right relationship with your mind, body, heart and soul, for that is the true path to liberation and freedom.


If you only knew….


If you only knew how the world bows to you, you would think and create only thoughts of love, peace and joy..

If you only knew your very existence is supported, loved and nourished you would never experience any form of lack in:  love, finances, health, relationships, spirituality, etc…

If you only knew that when you laugh, dance and sing your soul feels like it is flying in the ecstasy of happiness…

If you only knew that every breath you take is filled with admiration, gratitude, & wholeness you would never seek anything outside of yourself to fill a misunderstanding  that something could ever be is missing…

If you only knew that you are always being looked after by a amazing powerful force that only wants the best for you, you would never settle for anything less….

If you only knew that respect, acceptance, appreciation, honesty, forgiveness and reverence hold the keys to unlock the door of your deepest freedom…you would never live another moment out of alignment with your soul’s highest level of ethnics and values and integrity…

If you only knew that we are all one and when we experience feelings of separation, it  is the soul’s cry for would be most diligent to respond with the utmost of compassion and love. (just as you would for a young crying out for attention).

If you only knew that love is the answer to anything and everything that you burdens you heart, you would feel your carefree and most peaceful natural state of being…

If you only knew that listening to someone helps them feel loved, honored and acknowledged-(whether you agree or not)…allow you heart space to open and shine your light being a beacon of human kindness.

If you only knew your infinite potential and limitless possibilities , you would live a most fulfilling life free of pain and suffering…soaking in your beauty and success as the god/goddess that spirit has always know you to be …

If you only knew that you can’t get wrong, and your making no mistakes, you would realize that all is here to help you, and assist you in navigating through life peaks and valleys to unfold you grandest destiny…

If you only knew that our furry friends are here to help us remember unconditional love  humans would never harm another animal on this planet…they would care for them an love them just as our creator has intended….

If you only knew you walk on sacred ground during this holy experiences, no one would ever consider disrespecting this amazing planet for purposes of self-greed or any form of contempt…


Heaven on Earth

Heaven on earth

I am the kind of person who always looks deeper into what is…I have come to  realize that how we choose to “BE” during life circumstances determines our reality. The choices we make, the beliefs and perceptions we hold, and the words, actions and thoughts we choose-then create our outcomes. I have come to believe there is no “wrong” or “right” way to live.  Our   feelings help us to always navigate the what directions we choose to take. When we feel good, we choose one path and when we don’t, we may choose another path. There are infinite choices to be made, what will you choose?

In our most beautiful circle of life- Choices are always being made. If we make decisions in alignment with our highest integrity and value, we feel good. When we make decisions out of our integrity other outcomes will ensue. All is here to help us grow into the best version of who we are. Some of us can easily stay in integrity while others may not be ready to take the leap of divine truth.  People will then make fear-based decisions-and its’s not because they are bad or stupid it is because their experiences have led the to do what feels right in that moment.  We we are all  doing their best based on our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  From our Source’s perspective, its really all OK so it’s best to just honor the journey, and hug ourselves through every experience.  After all there are no mistakes. “Everything happens to strengthen a weakness so we all can have a deeper more fulfilling unfolding of our magnificence,” (so eloquently spoken by Matt Kahn a best- selling author and wonderful highly empathic spiritual leader).

Being in harmony with our highest of intentions is not always the easiest thing to do when we feel stressed and uneasy with our everyday experiences. Life’s hills and valleys can knock us off our game. My friends you are not alone, so many people are doing their very best to stay afloat among chaos and conflict. Now,  more than ever we need time to be with ourselves…even if its only 5 minutes a day. Time to reflect, relax, replenish and renew…

The bold truth is :   

We choose to be here to raise the collective into a higher level of consciousness.

Our higher self/our wisdom is part of who we are, it’s already embedded in the blueprint of our being. It does not view life through chaos and conflict. Our source sees life as a delicate fabric of woven tapestry in which we are all gently putting together the pieces of emotional experiences -one feeling at a time-All weaved into a most beautiful display of unconditional love.

In remembering who we are…we begin to realize we are part of a greater good a force of love and power that governs/oversees life on this planet and throughout the cosmos. You are never alone! There are forces beyond your understanding that help you and guide you even if you are unaware of this. And, when you take the time to be still and most patient, you will hear these gentle words of wisdom through your intuition/gut feelings that are always guiding you, loving you and waiting for you to come home…

Throughout all of our many lifetimes and experiences -the awakening of is always coming forth. Did you know that you are an angelic being of light here on this earth plane to raise collective consciousness into the natural order of balance and harmony. This is the true realization of “Heaven on Earth”, which has always been very patiently waiting to be realized in all of us.






A Light at the End of the Tunnel…


You may be asking yourself what does that mean?  I have come to realize that there is only one choice and many paths.  The key to embracing our unlimited potential and  deepest souls expansion is being aligned with our higher self. When you feel great you are aligned with this amazing vibration/frequency-as you have connected to a higher source of magnificent power, identifying with something greater than this material physical world.  Realizing this wonderful state of being means you are discovering your essence at the deepest values of which you live by.  When you do not feel great you are misaligned.  Which is not wrong,  it is just is…you then learn though life’s many experiences how you choose to think, do, be and live-what feels good and what does not. It is a choice to be aligned and it takes focus and intention to live in that authentic state being throughout life’s ups and downs.

For me, being aligned means being congruent with divine will. It feels great, and it truly offer walking in freedom by surrendering to life on life’s terms. Can we give the reigns to a higher power and release the need to control? This is a huge question and how we choose to respond will determine our reality.  This does not mean to throwing in the towel and just watching life go by-it means participating when your intuition gently speaks to you.  Do we follow our intuition, ask yourself? It is such a wonderful navigation system intricately built within us!

Responding to experiences from a peaceful relaxed place has a huge impact on the outcome.  Maintaining an emotional state of  happiness really aligns us with our soul’s highest level of maturity as it surpasses understanding and is beyond desire. Of course, I still have many desires, they just do not control me any more.  As I come to  know divine timing always brings forth what is in my highest good. (even if  I dislike the result, every thing is here to help us grow and learn), as I also know there is a much bigger plan going on here…

Do we have the trust and faith that a perfection is at hand and watches, guides and loves us beyond any words could even begin to explain?  It is when you embody this mindset the world is your oyster…

As I continue to be an anchor of oneness/unity consciousness I bring forth an energetic transmission to help others; And, as a way-shower of love- grounded in an angelic purity of presence the veil of self imposed limitations has withered away to it’s final completion. This is a celebration because I now see the dawning of a new day,  not just for me but for all of humanity. As the walls of our social economic, political and other man made systems fall apart, the makings of a new way is created.

A life free of suffering, abuse, addiction, violence, neglect, victim-hood,  poverty, starvation, inequality, human trafficking,, discrimination, greed, prejudice, environmental damage, and the ruthless killing of animals, is all coming to an end.
Each and every day the collective consciousness is shifting on this planet and the  trajectory is becoming more harmonious with the greater good that is inherent in all of us. Look within for this truth for the outside/external world can still reflect the chaos of change and  disruption, but my friends,  so necessary for our monumental shift.  Inside shifts of mindset must occur first then it is reflected on the outside world.  Do not be fooled by what you cannot see with your physical eyes…the vibrations on this planet are re-calibrating and unfolding for all of us.  And no one is left behind..when we all step into the eminent truth we ascend into a new level of consciousness where everything changes for the better in humanity.  The tipping point is around the corner and eventually this newly realized consciousness is birthed and the old ways of thinking  wash away just as the tide flows naturally back into the ocean. Sounds good to be true? Not really, all is occurring in ways we can’t even begin to fathom…

I believe beyond any shadow of doubt that absolutely there is a “Light at the End of the Tunnel” and it is shining for all sentient beings to reclaim their freedom and return home. Let’s allow ourselves to let in the light in and embrace who we really are. Then and only then can we claim our magnificence and world regenerates, rejuvenates, and replenishes into the heaven on earth it has always been and will always be…