Frontal zen balace

Have you ever crossed roads in your life when you felt completely vulnerable, helpless to whatever was going on…with little to no sense of which direction to go. I have been in this spot. It’s not always easy to admit,   that you just don’t know what to do. Sometimes, it makes us feel as if we are at a loss or maybe even failing at life. One day we feel up and the other day we feel down, like a see saw. Understand this is just that the innocence in us, that inner child feels unsure and confused at times.

Of course it would be great to always know all the answers, and maybe some of us     think we do, but the truth is, sometimes, we just don’t know the next steps to take-             and that’s ok.

Feeling vulnerable is normal especially when we are in the eye of the hurricane.  When we cross the bridge of heightened uncertainty, fear and many other negative emotions can show up sending us into a tail spin. Just know it is all part of the process in our human experience. Since everything is always ever-changing, this too will pass, the storm will move on then we can move to more confident ground.

But in the meantime, how can we ever rise above some of these deepest emotions; such as helplessness?

By admitting that it’s right there in front of us- completely honoring how we feel and giving a voice to it all. When we do this, we are acknowledging and honoring the child within. This allows the feelings and emotions to move through us with an ease a grace. Just simply giving our deepest emotions a voice. You can journal your feelings, take a healthy run in the park, listen to some soulful music and anything else that helps you to let go….

This is not weak by any means, in fact it is gift of love you can give yourself. Denying the truth of how we feel forces the emotion to lie dormant in our heart space. Rest assured it will come up again given life’s ups and downs. It may manifest into that pain in neck, or that sadness in your heart. From my experience I can tell you it is more painful when emotions are not revealed, it’s like a pressure cooker waiting to explode, and, explode it will. Consider giving all of your emotions your time, energy and love by allowing their voice to come forth. Feel what your need to feel. Sit in the vulnerability, (or whatever other emotions presents themselves), Allow the energy to come forth, take some deep breaths and know… it will pass, and your sense of relieve and healthy emotional well-being will ensue over time.

This will all lighten and soften the load of your heart by letting go of this emotional baggage.

Please know, we don’t mean too always put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, it is all a process that we are continuing to learn and grow from….and remember to consistently love and forgive ourselves along the way just like a child who is taking steps to embrace the newness of life.  We too are children of this grand universe and will make many mistakes, learn many lessons while evolving to our next level of consciousness on this path of human evolution.


“May we always grow into our Magnificence as our spirit soars with Love”



The High Road

the right direction

You direct the compass of your own life, what will you do to set a course that is successful, satisfying and fulfilling? The choice is ultimately up to you, how will you focus your time and energy? Where will you go and what will you do? And how will you choose to be? What steps will you take to embrace life while being authentic and remain a reflection of your deepest values, desires and visions?  Certainly questions to ponder…
This conversation was sparked by my imagination when I was thinking about how I look at life- and what do I do on a daily basis to keep most in harmony with my deepest wisdom.

There’s no one set of hard fast rules than anyone can follow-It’s just so important to have a steadfast discipline to follow which helps us navigate the ups and downs of  this human existence. Do we not brush our teeth every day, nourish our bodies, hydrate ourselves and sleep to replenish and rejuvenate?  We must realize our minds are no different, as we all require nourishment, relaxation, ongoing information and empowering experiences to expand into our full potential.

It’s just like having a bank account – if we put money in we can grow our financial wealth abundance. So what wonderful things are we consistently feeding our mind and body to help us grow in richness and physical being?  Are we eating food that is good for us? Things like berries for example full of antioxidants and other nutrition, choosing foods such as nuts or avocados, which are excellent sources of healthy saturated fat. Are we ingesting foods riddled with processing with unhealthy additives and preservatives, chemicals and harmful ingredients? We then wonder why we feel fatigued, emotionally drained, and display an array of other symptoms.  Our bodies are clear in the messages we receive, and when we take the time to listen we can change the course of our lifestyle through some simple changes for the better. Life is asking us to step into responsibility for how we choose to feel, and experience each and every day. Remember these are our choices, so let’s consider making them healthy ones if we truly want to thrive in our physical and emotional well-being.

Do we expose our minds to positive learning and mindful ways of expanding our awareness and knowledge? Or are we chronically focusing our attention on the news with all of the media that feeds negativity doom and gloom. It’s certainly okay to be informed, just not inundated on a daily basis. It can be like a drug that consistently feeds and distracts us from living a life that is more peaceful and happy.  Remember, our energy goes where attention flows, so make choices about being, doing and thinking from centered/grounded peace of mind.

Your emotions are clear indications of which way to go… so listen and follow the path of joy, contentment and honor anything that flows to you -for there are blessings in it all- even the stuff  that is painful…If you don’t like where you’re going and what you’re doing, it’s time for a course correction. You hold the keys and are the driver of your experiences, so create a map that is fun and exciting with roads that are unique and special. We are the compass in our own life so whatever course and path we go down will always provide lessons, insight and knowledge

May your journey continue to enlighten you, lead you down roads of mystery and surprise while delighting the curiosity and wonder that lies in the little child within all of us…..?


No Stones Unturned

 no stones unturned

Do we leave No Stones Unturned? I am ok with turning over all the stones, are you? No? You may be asking yourself what stones?  Maybe they could be the dark areas, the shadows of what we hide behind?  Or maybe they are they the secrets we keep to ourselves because we think we have to protect our innocence.  Only we know the reasons that remain deep in our heart. And, if we are willing to open up and look on the inside maybe we just begin to explore a bit…

Perhaps we could invite the possibility of saying “that we all have things we are proud of and things we are not.” It so very important to understand that’s it’s really ok to make mistakes. Anyway…are they really mistakes or learning opportunities?  Things do happen for reasons some of which we may understand and other we are not able to understand at the time. I have found that if we stand back and open our minds to view the larger picture, we can begin to realize that each experience provides a new opportunity to change the way we think, especially if we desire different results.

By voluntarily changing conditioned thinking patterns we then change the array of choices being offered to us, thus opening the door for new outcomes. Cool right?  In addition to this, if we can maintain an optimistic outlook with a willingness to be flexible we can really catapult our happiness and ability to thrive.

please keep in mind this is ongoing process that occurs throughout our lifetime.

As we evolve in our awareness doors are opening all the time giving us the gift to explore new ideas, conclusions, and perceptions.  Is there really only one way to look at things? I believe there are many optimal roads to get to a specific destination and/or outcome; and I also have come to realize there’s a road that beautifully aligns with our wisdom; and when we tap into that intuition, everything changes for the better.  I have watched this happen many times in my life and lives of clients and friends. But, it is only through our repeated experiences can we learn, and then make more empowered choices.

Remember you are a child of this universe learning your way through the causes and effects of this human experience. We will all learn to confidently stand in our power to move forward happily, it is truly the process of evolution for our species.

                   Just a quick note

Please remember to never beat yourself up if things do not turn our as you expected them too. It is life lessons that enrich the experience and when we can stand back and allow ourselves to breath and gently follow our emotions we can then take wonderful steps towards our soul’s most gracious unfolding… No one told us this would be easy, but we know deep in our heart of hearts it would be worth it….


Tug of War

larger passion photo

In our daily lives so many of us encounter varied conflicts. It is the nature of the human species, and it a very important part of our evolutionary growth and soul expansion. Many of us navigate through life only through the use of our five senses, and although it gives a picture of what externally is occurring in our reality, we are dramatically shortchanging ourselves when we do not explore the unseen, the invisible and the plane of existence that lies within our being. I call it our soul.  Yes, we do have a soul, and yes we cannot really prove this with any confirmation of resolve. But, do we question electricity? Yet we use it faithfully and it provides a major convenience in many aspects of our day to day lives. Why is it that the soul is dismissed as an object of human belief? Most Science does not recognize the spiritual dimension of life. As, Robert Lana notes, “We are more than the sum of our biological functions.” I wholeheartedly agree.

As a spiritual person I view the soul as emphatically more definitive than a scientific concept, but rather an essence that lies within each and every one of us, sometimes referred to as our higher self, wisdom, higher consciousness etc…

My hope is that someday all beings come to the realization that the 5 senses only provides a picture from a limited perspective. Not necessarily wrong, just not the complete picture of our capabilities and infinite potential. We are so much more than we can ever begin to realize. But in order to embrace this knowing we have to give ourselves the space, time and willingness to invite the possibility that a deeper truth lies in the nonphysical.   

Being that said let’s look at conflict…

The definition of conflict is: “A serious disagreement or argument typically a protracted one.

I see conflict as a confusion in interpreting what’s alignment with our soul versus what our 5 senses showing us what we believe to be true based on outside influences. If I can’t touch it, say it, see it with my own eyes, it must not be true. Really? Think again.

When we are confronted by conflict we sometimes feel angry, frustrated, depressed, unhappy, and fearful, etc.  Are we stuck with no way out? We may feel we are stuck and do not have a way out, and although that may appear to be true it is just a façade, an illusion, a pretense created to invite and help us to dig deeper into the absolute true in circumstances and situations.

Let’s entertain another perception here- maybe conflict is a way to break us apart to look at what the prevailing options may be and go with what feels right to our heart. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. And, some of the conflicts we encounter may not feel so inviting and welcoming. In fact some of them are downright aggravating and frustrating. But, and this is a big but, they are necessary to help us to step up and out of our comfort zone by thinking bigger, making better use of our imaginations and gently guiding us to develop into more expanded ways of being.  If we all act in the same way, doing the same things and expect different outcomes we are fooling ourselves into thinking our lives will change in any way. We will just get more of same stuff.  That’s ok because there is always a lesson to be unfolded. However, being in a constant “Tug-of-War can leave us stuck in a cycle of disempowerment feeling emotionally and physically exhausting.   There is no hard fast rule to what to do and what not to do, but there are very clear signals from our intuition to guide us in the direction that is most fulfilling.

The question then becomes can we get out of our heads and into our hearts?  The tug-of-war diminishes tremendously when we do so. I suggest considering the truth that we are all worthy and deserving of living happier lives in every aspect of our human experience and when we invite the possibility and existence of a deeper truth about who we are,  our world can and will take on new meaning.


A Drop of the Ocean

spiriuality pic

As I continue to delve deeper into spirituality and the evolutionary process I find myself softening in so many ways.  Not only am I much more forgiving, compassionate, carefree and light-hearted-I am continuing to see much deeper meaning in life and all of the experiences I embrace from moment to moment. I have come to the realization that everything is here to help us. Every relationship, every gut wrenching circumstance, and every peaceful situation. Every moment of joy and every moment of sadness or anger.  All experiences are to help us shift out of our personality and into the deeper meaning of our soul.

It takes much introspection, contemplation, trust and courage to see through these eyes of truth, the truth of our soul. Our 5 senses are a mere indication of who we think we are, it takes a willingness, and determination to go on the inside and explore the depths of our essence, that gentle voice of unwavering love that resides in each and every one of us.

Within our being is an energetic force so immense and infinite we can’t even begin to fathom the greatness… It doesn’t matter what we have done or have not done, we are all amazing just as we are.  Is a drop of ocean any less magnificent that the whole ocean? No it is not. All of the drops make up this grandeur.

There is a voice that is always speaking, and ready to guide us every step of our journey. All we have to do is ask…nothing is ever too big or too little to ask for… and the answers come in many ways. Sometimes it’s yes! , sometimes it is not yet and sometimes it is, I have something better for you.  Maybe it is the feather you see on the ground, the job you weren’t supposed to get, the billboard you read for no apparent reason, the words of a song that keep replaying in your head, or the quiet voice you hear in meditation or during that nice stroll in the park.  There are so many ways our prayers are answered and when we heighten our awareness, relax and breathe we open ourselves up to hear, see, feel and know what path is most in alignment with our values.

I have said in many of my writings and have spoken this in many of my lectures, when it feels right, you get an inner sense of happiness and joy. When you do not feel that elation, this decision/choice it is not in harmony with your deeper truths”.   It is our responsibility and free will to choose how we want to experience life, it is ultimately up to us. There is no wrong or right way because all choices have consequences we learn from…allowing our souls to evolve to a higher level of spiritual mastery.

I am inviting us to join together and begin to embody the true realization of wisdom – we are an individualization of a much larger infinite loving force. Just as the drop of the ocean is just as significant as the whole ocean. We are very powerful and can create a fulfilling life, but only when we can welcome the bigger picture to unfold with trust, grace, peace and love.

Will we sit back on the sidelines and wait for life to unfold by looking at the external reality and believe that’s the truth? Or, we will step up by being responsible and interact with life through our deepest values and intentions in alignment with our soul.  The decision is up to us.  What will we choose?  As our life will then be a reflection of our decisions.






Childlike Wonder

childlike wonder
I was taking my typical stroll amongst nature while deciding to meditate sitting on the grass. While focusing on Peaceful thoughts I picked up a blade of grass.  My mind shifted back in time… A childhood memory came flooding back when I was a little girl. My friends and I played    a game using the grass in our backyards. So I said what the heck-I wonder if I can do this again? So I picked up the most perfect blade of grass nice, flat and even, you can’t have anything bumpy or this doesn’t work- I held the flat piece of grass very close to my lips. Now this was a skill I had perfected in my earlier years which I was very proud of by the way. Could I still do it?  Maybe?  I held the grass very close to my lips and blew ever so gently…..hmmm it didn’t work. I guess I forgot the technique. I realized the grass couldn’t be too far away or too close to my lips. Now, if done properly, it emits a very high pitch sound. After a couple tries, success!  Music to my ears, along with a sense of satisfaction. I was living in the joy of the moment.

Its memories like this that make us smile – the little things that bring us joy –  I bet we can all remember some of the fun things we did as kids that made us smile and even giggle. There are probably are a variety of things I can of…today it was a simple blade of grass. Last week it was the swings, I decided to sit on a swing and with a glimmer in my eye I began pumping my feet back and forth (do we still use that word “pumping?”  I could be dating myself here) but nevertheless it was quite exciting to see how high I could go. Back then, my friends and I would see who could achieve the highest feat of almost reaching the metal bar at the top. (As I think about this now, I don’t know how safe that was-but hey who cares I was living in the moment back then). The people at the park were smiling at me as this grown 58 year old woman smiling from cheek to cheek. Yes. I was living in the moment again and loving it!

Do we ever give ourselves the chance to relive some simple joys? I’m suggesting that we do, as it brings a smile to our face, and even opens up our curiosity and Childlike Wonder. It allows us to embrace our carefree nature by being in a happy place even if it’s just for a few priceless moments. It’s really okay to temporarily put aside the worries and concerns of adulthood. Because when we allow ourselves to embrace our childlike existence, we open the door of our creativity and imagination. Areas of life where we could all benefit from growing.

The more often we give ourselves the gift of feeling light-hearted, easy going and happy the better we feel.   Of course we have to live our adult existence doing what we need to do to live our lives to the fullest- but I’m suggesting every so often let’s give ourselves a little bit of time to be that little kid once again, to smile for no reason and to look life with happier and healthier perspective as best as we can.  It is very difficult to feel stress when we’re in a happy place. Many studies elude to the fact that-Happy people usually live longer, are more successful and have healthier more well-balanced relationships. We can all certainly benefit from that…

What can we do in this moment to smile, see things through the eyes of a child and embrace life from a carefree way of being?  It is very possible when we all allow ourselves the simple gift of being aware and begin to remember the some of the moments we felt free just as a young child…or, better yet spend some time with a child, notice how they play and use their imagination with such a pure sense of curiosity and wonder. Delicious Food for the mind, body and spirits. 🙂



On this masterful journey we call life, we have some bumps in the road which throw us off the path of our dreams and desires. Maybe these bumps are just gentle course corrections to bring us back to focus where we need to be…  Sometimes course Corrections don’t feel so gentle, in fact they feel like atomic bomb went off to blow us completely in the other direction. I’ve had this happen a number of times and it not fun by any means. This adversity is here-it shows up to kick us in our butts and says go this way instead of that way. I remember getting so upset all the time about all these changes, but after many years of experience and failures I have come to realize it’s all very necessary to bring us back to where we are meant to be. There’s so many distractions that can easily allure us in other directions- life can throw curve balls and it’s up to us to do our best to get back on track being in vibrational alignment with our passions dreams and visions.

I know there are definitely times when we feel like throwing in the towel especially when we don’t see evidence of all the hard work we put forth, but I also know & now realize this masterful universe easily and effortlessly works behind the scenes on our behalf. arranging and organizing all of the cooperating components to line up and bring forth the manifestations that we so desire at the RIGHT TIME, SPACE,  AN SEQUECE WHEN WE ARE READY AND ABLE TO BE OUR BEST And not a moment sooner or later. The timeline is not determined by us….but it is always in our best interest.

Cultivating trust, patience, and faith with an unwavering belief in the universal process proves to be the ideal recipe for materialisation of our deepest passion dreams and desires to come forth. Unconsciously this process can significantly slow down when we get in our own way by not believing in ourselves, being stuck in negative ways of thinking and lacking the optimism and determination to hold steady on the course.

There is absolutely no blame here – we are in the human bodies to rise above stuff that blocks us and keeps us imprisoned with a variety of illusions that really are only here to help us by always showing us lessons to learn from and grow our souls expansion.

Please read the last line because if we can just remember these important words we can make tremendous life shifts and transform in miraculous ways.

Let’s look at the example with the illusion of insufficiency. Do we really lack anything?  Or is it just a program, a belief that has been instilled in us from the outside world. Have you looked around and noticed the world around us- at the trees, the grass, the sky, the clouds, the air we breathe, the buildings, the ground we walk on etc… We are literally immersed in abundance. I could go on and on with a long list. So what makes us think we lacking anything?

It’s all of the things we have bought into about ourselves and our world that keeps the “poverty mindset” cycle in place. It is only when we dismantle and reveal all the distractions, confusions and an disempowering beliefs can we even begin to open our eyes and see the truth of our being. When we think and believe we live a life lacking in any way it is then reflected for us in our day-to-day life experiences.  Remember the words we have heard many times. Our thoughts create our reality. Of course it goes much deeper than that, but this is the basic premise, and it is true.

As a benevolent child of this Grand Creative Universe we are born prosperous, are now prosperous and have always been prosperous. So what’s it going to take for us to believe this Beyond a Shadow of Doubt? What is the key to the truth our being?

One of the grandest keys is that all of the resources, truths words of wisdom that already lie within us. Looking to the external world for the answers will only lead you in a vicious cycle… kind of like the curveball I was previously discussing. If you want the truth of who you are to come forth and then give yourself the gift of time to look within for the answers- use stillness, meditation, yoga, journaling, etc. All are are beneficial to help us connect with the essence of our being then, truly  LIVE BY THIS WISDOM… That is when your world we’ll open up, your life will turn around for the better allowing you now live your hearts true fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

And,  when live throws you a curveball be ready to catch it, and gracefully run in the directions that leads you to your deepest wisdom…:)