THE Real McCoy


I laugh, I cry,

I run, I sigh,

So much effort put forth

And, God knows why…


I smile, and I feel,

I succumb to what’s real,

The stakes are high and I

Don’t know why?


I am on a ride,

Going fast, then slow

But I feel reassured

That somehow… I know


What is the next turn?

Where do I go?

It seems so fruitless

But, then…… there’s a flow…


Is this the right way?

Or am I living a lie?

Life shows up in

The blink of an eye


Feeling vulnerable

And, oh so revealed

Is this a weakness?

Or do I stay so concealed?


I look for a sign

And continue to roam

So many Detours

On my way home


Times of darkness and times of dread,

Helps me to open the doors ahead,

Revealing what true, & giving up the fight

By allowing Stillness, I embrace my light.


As the story goes on

And I move ahead

It becomes much easier

To surrender… And… be led.


Is this a dream?

a play of life

am I  the actress

with all of this strife?


The Ebb of the tides

So constant and

Moving, I now see a

Clearing, my vision is improving,


Courage, wisdom and love lead the way

How could I every have gone astray?

Awareness, trust, faith and joy

My compass for life

The real McCoy!


A quiet confidence now shining within

Knowing who I am is always a win,

It is wonderful to realize we all are so much

Impacting this world through all we touch


A breath of fresh air is waiting for us

When we drop the illusions & all of the fuss,

A spark of the divine so ready to ignite,

Step into your power & shine your light.















Are You Willing?

be willing two

Are you willing to let go of the things that no longer serve you by sabotaging your ongoing efforts?  Are you willing to let go of the relationships that don’t nourish and support you? Are you willing to step into the truth about who you are and why you are here?  Are you willing to claim your power, live from that state of being & know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?

Are you daring to dream big and bold knowing everything you have is already within you?  Are you willing to honor every emotion that comes up even if it tears your heart apart? Are you willing to see yourself as beautiful exactly as you are, no matter how you look in the mirror, and what you have or haven’t done etc.? Are you willing to embrace that inner child who needs attention and wants to know what’s going on when she/ he is confused or feeling hopeless/helpless?  Are you willing to step into compassion and empathy for everybody and everything in your life no matter what?
Are you willing to forgive everything and everyone knowing that every person is doing their best based on their model of the world and level of consciousness? Are you willing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable ready to take it to the next level of inner growth and soul expansion?  Are you willing to let go of all the Illusions lies and beliefs of who you think you are to now embrace the unveiling of your magnificence?  Are you willing to let go of scarcity thinking and the illusion of insufficiency to truly embrace your abundance and Divine inheritance?  Are you willing to realize you are most deserving and worthy of the best life has to offer? Are you willing to see yourself as your creator sees you perfect in every aspect of your being, nothing broken or out of place, but divinely designed with a perfection Beyond understanding? Are you willing to speak to yourself with gentle words and kind thoughts knowing that you are a child of the universe navigating through the complex map of life?
Are you willing to realize you’re never alone & always cradled with unconditional love in the hands of our creator?  Are you willing to realize there is no such thing as coincidence and accidents, as everything is synchronistic with perfect intention?  Are you willing to step up and take responsibility for your life and your thoughts? Are you willing to embrace failure knowing success is just on the other side? Are you willing to make your dreams and your Visions manifest in your physical reality?  Are you willing to understand that when you get triggered by what people say it’s in regard to some deep feelings that still need to be processed within you? (Step out of blame and into self -responsibility ).

In the words of Wayne Dyer, one of the utmost Visionaries…
“It’s not that you don’t have the willpower or the ability to resonate with any of these truths – it’s that you’re not in a place of readiness, a student who is ready is a learner who is willing.”

Life will continue to give you tests adversities and challenges all delicately orchestrated to help you rise above and transcend to your higher knowing.  You have to be willing to connect to that knowing and look deeper within for all of your experience to flow with our grand plan. That is the road to real magic of personal transformation.

And.. one of the very very important thing to remember ALWAYS..

Are you willing to realize that you are God’s highest form of creation?

 Because the truth is you are and will always will be… 






The Truth Will Set You Free


I believe we live with a divine design of events and experiences occurring in the past, present and future –all happening simultaneously.  Being multidimensional beings of light there are a variety of realities that can present themselves for us to experience given the vibrational patterns we resonate out to the world.  How cool is that? I am just reiterating information that has been known for centuries by our greatest scholars. Yet so many of us do not recognize these very golden nuggets of wisdom. Do the research, you will find out- you are here with passion and purpose, that only YOU are capable of achieving, that is, when you allow the truth to be revealed.

We create our reality, yes, yes, I know we have heard that broken record so many times it makes our head spin. But maybe the constant reminders are necessary to help us wake up from the deep sleep of mistruths, misunderstandings and confusion we have bought into about us, and the world around us. Wouldn’t it be most wonderful to align with the reality of our dreams and visions?

It is tragic that so many people suffer in living unfulfilled lives, so sad and riddled with stress and unhappiness. I can’t help but question- When did this disconnect happen?  Our ancestors? The cosmos? The weather patterns? Our Genes? Who and what can we blame?


No one does any inappropriate give “their” model of the world.  The the good news is –It can be changed, YahooBut it is truly OUR RESPONSIBILITY to be conscious and determined to research, uncover and remember our deepest knowing’s. A relentless task for the spiritually conscious and aware.

Our conditioning and programming has helped to us to determine who we think we are. We have forgotten our natural state of being and are settling for less, much less that our creator has designed for us. As we go from second to second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day to day life continues to show up in the way we allow it too… If we want change we have to be determined and declare that we are deserving and worthy of better experiences, relationships, physical and emotional well- being etc. By making a concerted effort we are demonstrating self-love in being, doing and having our desires effortlessly come into manifestation. This is done by taking the time in learn, research and make a promise and decision to step into our power. Then with a vigor, excitement and knowing- claim it, live it, be it- then watch your life unfold in ways you could have, never imagined!

We are amazing drops from an abundant ocean, branches from the tree of life, an acorn ready to blossom into the magnificent pine. Let’s allow ourselves to harness our infinite power, then co-create a life that is most wonderful and fulfilling. It is a gift from out creator. And, I like gifts, in fact, I love gifts!  So when would it be a good time to open up our gifts and step into our deepest vision and dreams?  We owe it to ourselves and our world- Personal Transformation is the only road for long lasting happiness. Go for it and stand in the beautiful awesome light that you are.  Remember we are all connected at our essence, so when you help “you”, the rest of the collective reaps the amazing transformations.  Win-Win situation I would say. J

Eye of the Hurricane

eye of the storm
Have you ever crossed roads in your life when you felt completely vulnerable, helpless to whatever was going on…with little to no sense of which direction to go, this is not always easy to admit. The fact that we don’t  makes us feel as if we are at a loss or maybe even failing at life.  It’s not that we are safe or not protected, that the innocence in us, that inner child feels lost and confused at times. Certainly it’s great to always know all the answers, and maybe some of us think we do, but the truth is, in certain situations we don’t know the next step to take, and that’s ok.

Feeling vulnerable is normal especially when we are in the eye of the hurricane.  When we cross the bridge of heightened uncertainty, fear and many other negative emotions can show up, just know it is all part of the process in our human experience. Since everything is always ever-changing, this too will pass, the storm will move on then we can move to more confident ground. But in the meantime, how can we ever rise above some of these deepest emotions such as helplessness?

By admitting that it’s right there in front of us- completely honoring how we feel and giving a voice to it all. When we do this, we are acknowledging and honoring the child within.

This is not week by any means, in fact it is gift of love you can give yourself. Denying the truth of how we feel forces the emotion to lie dormant in our heart space. Rest assured it will come up again given life’s ups and downs. It may manifest into that pain in neck, or that sadness in your heart. From my experience I can tell you it is more painful when emotions are not revealed, it’s like a pressure cooker waiting to explode, and, explode it will.

Consider giving all of your emotions your time, energy and love by allowing their voice to come forth. Feel what your need to feel. Sit in the vulnerability, (or whatever other emotions presents themselves), Allow it to be heard, take some deep breaths, its ok, know it will pass, and your sense of relieve and healthy emotion well-being will ensue over time by letting go of this emotional baggage.

Please know, we don’t mean to consciously put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, but it is so important to remember to always value what we are feeling because when we don’t, we are closing off LOVE to ourselves and others.  Think about it, and next time something shows up be open to feeling it all, your heart will be glad you did!

*** May we always grow into our Magnificence as our spirit soars with Love…***




The Dance of Romance


 Every so often I spend time in my soaking tub to reflect, contemplate and meditate as I relax in the fragrance of my Essential Oils.  I close my eyes and just take in the stillness… so soothing and healing of the mind-body-spirit. Food for the soul I would call it.

But today’s soaking experience was especially replenishing and joyful. After a few deep breaths and positive affirmations I opened my eyes. There was a hint of something moving, so I got up and looked through the thin slit of the blind. As I gazed at the vast blue Nevada skies I witnessed a most delightful site. There were two birds engaged in the Romantic game of love, playfully nuzzling each other. Similar to human romance behaviors, I witnessed the game of  “playing of hard to get” by the female bird and the perseverance of the male bird – it was a sight to see.  I giggled to myself while keeping a close watch on the lovebirds. (No pun intended) The Romantic Dance of Nestling, and preening each other feathers, it was obvious the courtship was most nourishing and caressing. … But the best part of this romantic play was when the two met in a momentous moment of “beak to beak’ contact as if they were kissing…with such deliberate intention… My jaw dropped in astonishment  to see this and couldn’t get to my camera quick enough to get that picture, but I will always remember it in my mind.

Truly, you can’t make this stuff up. Think about it what probability of  deciding to take a soaking bath, and to notice out of a very thin slit in the window an act of “Bird Love.” The universe has inviting deliberate ways of gently reminding us in the joys in life such as the bliss of romance…so beautiful and timeless. There is no doubt in my mind as to why this presented itself to me, as I know God’s timing is perfect. Thank you!

Synchronicity is always occurring throughout life, it is a reminder of how there is a much grander magnificent force effortlessly at work on our behalf. Remembering to notice, and being mindful of your surroundings as this can ignite  passion and love of one another throughout each and every sacred experience. Life is portraying itself in a beautiful dance will we lovingly allow ourselves to take part?  please, by all means, join in …

Rah Rah Sis Boom Ba!


cheering on

Catchy right!? Cheerleading is a fun, active, and exciting way to celebrate. Now you may be asking yourself has this girl gone off the deep end, and I would graciously answer Yes, Yes you are right!  I have gone off the deep end… the deep end of needing, wanting, and yearning for someone else’s validation Especially to make decisions, take actions and to ultimately feel good about me.(ouch, that was painful).

Codependency of the finest, and with much honesty I can now say I lived my life this way for many years.  It took me a while to realize this-I was so busy twisting myself into a pretzel to make everything work. My attempts at controlling my outcome failed miserably.  Ok so it wasn’t the best of choices, but I was doing my best at the time. My cheerleading “not so fancy moves included: kicking myself in the butt, jumping through hoops, and screaming “Look at me, don’t you see meeeeee”  Could this ever be a cheer of any sort”?  It was a cheer of conditioning and negative programming that I learned throughout my life. But don’t cheers have the connotation of being happy, exciting an exhilarating for something or someone?  Yep, and I don’t think I was cheering myself on by any means.  Being proud of me was not my typical way of thinking, in fact it has never been my experience. All of my many influences never taught me to celebrate who I was. Not my parents, spouse, friends/peers, authority figures, teachers, media, etc.                                                                                                              

  My “not so fancy” moves came with the feelings of disillusionment and unhappiness. But, it was familiar, comfortable and secure at the time, or so I thought.  If I had to make decisions about what to do, where to go and who would I go with-I always knew. I came to the realization that I never really felt completely safe and secure in my own skin.  Do you? Certainty a question and many more questions to ponder.  What was I holding on to?  And, why was it so hard to let go?  Really, what are so many of us hanging on? And, why are we afraid to have faith, believe, trust and honor in ourselves.  I don’t have all the answers, I guess I forgot how to think for myself, I was just going through the motions. Ok then, I plead most lovingly guilty on 4 counts: lack of realizing my worthiness/value, lack of loving myself unconditionally, & an inability in accepting and approving of myself just as I am.

Do we rely on someone or something to feel our sense of completeness? I know this can be a difficult questions to answer but, if I might suggest consider answering with the utmost of honesty and integrity, you owe your Beautiful Self the Truth.

Embracing selflove, self-approval and self- acceptance are things we must all learn though our natural day to day experiences if we truly want to live a most joyous and fulfilling life.  As I navigated all the bumpy roads I came to understand I am the only one who is here to cheer me on, and of course, my connection with God, our creator and BIGGEST cheerleader.

Do you look for someone to tell you how beautiful you are? How special you are?  How much value you bring in the world?  I have found that the need for validation can be quite insatiable and, when coupled with codependency it can lead us down a path of crippling anxiety, emotional distress and/or addictions.  The time is now for many of us to dive into a deeper inner reflection of our beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions.  this has to occur in order for life-long transformation with reconciliation of the heart.  I can only speak from my own personal experience, as my life dramatically changed when I challenged what I once believed to be true about me and who I thought I was…

I am now my best cheerleader, ignited with a spark of light much more willing, confident and is ready to shine, as I am recreating my life according to my own deepest desires, values and beliefs.  Being in alignment with my Divine Nature is the golden nugget of wisdom we all deserving of… and as we continue to connect with the essence of who we are, (through meditation, nature walks, journaling, etc.) we are consistently Revitalizing, Rebirthing and Reawakening of the child within us.  Hallelujah!
We must all realize we have to answers to our own questions, but unless we give ourselves the space to do so, life will continue to be a array of constant reactions to cope rather than a welcoming of all the blessing here to help up thrive and expand our consciousness.

We are responsible for how we choose to feel and what choices we make on life’s journey.  Remember, fulfillment already resides in us, as does all of the wonderful words of wisdom to light the way.  It is up to us to uncover what already lies deep within, because when we do, our lives can dramatically change for the better. After all, happiness, health and well-being are our natural inheritance on this earthly plane, and I believe it’s high time we open ourselves up to what has been known for many centuries by philosophers and masters all saying the same thing‑ Live in the present moment…   uncover how amazing you are and shine your fullest light into the magnificent being that you were meant to be… I will always be cheering you on…  🙂


The Sweet Spot

Placeholder Image     “The Sweet Spot’ is a place of peace & contentment                                                      attained by allowing your inside world to                                                               be a reflection of your outside world”…

          Since we are so much more than we allow ourselves to be…It is important to understand or, at the very least be open to the fact that when we feel Negative Emotions is a clear indication that we are out of alignment with our inherent sense of well-being and happiness. Experiencing disharmony shows us that it is time to listen closely because there is a part of us that is speaking by saying: Our perspective about a situation, person or event is incongruent with the deeper source within us, or we’ve assumed something that is simply not true about who we are, or we hold past beliefs that do not serve us anymore, and so on.

In essence, the Godliness within us cannot be expressed to the fullest so our miraculous body, mind and spirit is letting us know it’s time to make a change.
Having the intention to maintain a healthier perspective, one more in harmony with our soul is a key to living your life to the fullest. I know that is a lot to take in, but so worth exploring if we truly want to live a much more fulfilling state of being. Yes, there is work involved, Yes, we may be in the minority exploring our deepest wisdom, Yes others may think we are crazy, but this is our life and we deserve the best. So leave the naysayers in the background and step in the resounding Yes to realizing who you are: “a magnificent child of the Universe,” and you absolutely deserve a wonderful, amazing, life filled with adventure, curiosity, service to others, and freedom to be your best self and shine your light no matter what……….
*Consider taking notice to experiences of disharmony as they are golden nuggets of wisdom guiding you to question prior assumptions, old beliefs and paradigms that are outdated and not serving you or humanity any more.
Please take the time to be aware of your life, understand how you feel, as that is the navigation to monitor and open the doorway of your transformation. Don’t sit back and allow yourself to cycle in feelings of misery-YOU have the power to change your reality. And with the tools of creation: thought, words and action you can be, do and have the life you so richly deserve.
Remember, it is NO accident we are here, and with passion and purpose our journey of divine design leads the way for us to experience our lives being the greatest and grandest version of who we are…in the sweet spot of love…