On this masterful journey we call life, we have some bumps in the road which throw us off the path of our dreams and desires. Maybe these bumps are just gentle course corrections to bring us back to focus where we need to be…  Sometimes course Corrections don’t feel so gentle, in fact they feel like atomic bomb went off to blow us completely in the other direction. I’ve had this happen a number of times and it not fun by any means. This adversity is here-it shows up to kick us in our butts and says go this way instead of that way. I remember getting so upset all the time about all these changes, but after many years of experience and failures I have come to realize it’s all very necessary to bring us back to where we are meant to be. There’s so many distractions that can easily allure us in other directions- life can throw curve balls and it’s up to us to do our best to get back on track being in vibrational alignment with our passions dreams and visions.

I know there are definitely times when we feel like throwing in the towel especially when we don’t see evidence of all the hard work we put forth, but I also know & now realize this masterful universe easily and effortlessly works behind the scenes on our behalf. arranging and organizing all of the cooperating components to line up and bring forth the manifestations that we so desire at the RIGHT TIME, SPACE,  AN SEQUECE WHEN WE ARE READY AND ABLE TO BE OUR BEST And not a moment sooner or later. The timeline is not determined by us….but it is always in our best interest.

Cultivating trust, patience, and faith with an unwavering belief in the universal process proves to be the ideal recipe for materialisation of our deepest passion dreams and desires to come forth. Unconsciously this process can significantly slow down when we get in our own way by not believing in ourselves, being stuck in negative ways of thinking and lacking the optimism and determination to hold steady on the course.

There is absolutely no blame here – we are in the human bodies to rise above stuff that blocks us and keeps us imprisoned with a variety of illusions that really are only here to help us by always showing us lessons to learn from and grow our souls expansion.

Please read the last line because if we can just remember these important words we can make tremendous life shifts and transform in miraculous ways.

Let’s look at the example with the illusion of insufficiency. Do we really lack anything?  Or is it just a program, a belief that has been instilled in us from the outside world. Have you looked around and noticed the world around us- at the trees, the grass, the sky, the clouds, the air we breathe, the buildings, the ground we walk on etc… We are literally immersed in abundance. I could go on and on with a long list. So what makes us think we lacking anything?

It’s all of the things we have bought into about ourselves and our world that keeps the “poverty mindset” cycle in place. It is only when we dismantle and reveal all the distractions, confusions and an disempowering beliefs can we even begin to open our eyes and see the truth of our being. When we think and believe we live a life lacking in any way it is then reflected for us in our day-to-day life experiences.  Remember the words we have heard many times. Our thoughts create our reality. Of course it goes much deeper than that, but this is the basic premise, and it is true.

As a benevolent child of this Grand Creative Universe we are born prosperous, are now prosperous and have always been prosperous. So what’s it going to take for us to believe this Beyond a Shadow of Doubt? What is the key to the truth our being?

One of the grandest keys is that all of the resources, truths words of wisdom that already lie within us. Looking to the external world for the answers will only lead you in a vicious cycle… kind of like the curveball I was previously discussing. If you want the truth of who you are to come forth and then give yourself the gift of time to look within for the answers- use stillness, meditation, yoga, journaling, etc. All are are beneficial to help us connect with the essence of our being then, truly  LIVE BY THIS WISDOM… That is when your world we’ll open up, your life will turn around for the better allowing you now live your hearts true fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

And,  when live throws you a curveball be ready to catch it, and gracefully run in the directions that leads you to your deepest wisdom…:)

Thinking out LOUD

out loud

We are not our body we merely live in it, we are not our mind it is here to help us to think, create and imagine, and we are not our name, it is simply something we have… All of these are to be used while on this earthly plane. They are vehicles meant to help us navigate through life. In fact, I see them all as gifts from our creator, here to be cherished, respected and adored. Do you realize that you are by far the highest form of creation?  Think about that for a minute, it can really blow you mind when you fully realize this truth. This is why we are simply no less than magnificent.

After my many years as a therapist, author, spiritual teacher and healer my journey has led me to realize the body is DIVINITY (God, Love, source, divine intelligence) in another form, just like animals, the sun, the moon, ocean, sea creatures, the cosmos etc…Divinity is here to teach us to embrace our beauty through the grace of living to our fullest potential in the dramatic dance of giving and receiving love.

It is interesting…..

That whatever we feed our minds and bodies then shows up on the screen of our life. So wouldn’t it be in our best interest to feed our gentle being with good things, kindness, love, patience, compassion, empathy, etc.  The culmination of our beliefs and permeating thoughts determine how we choose to perceive and live our lives.  Healthy Wise choices with food, television, radio, music, entertainment, relationships, dramatically impact our life, not to mention how much we exposure ourselves to violence on television, such as constantly watching the news- ok once in a while,  but not to the point of inundating our minds.,  Whatever we expose ourselves to has an effect on our life experience.

If we want to change our lives for the better it is up to us to take responsibility with where we choose to focus our attention and power of the mind. “Energy flows where attention goes,” these are wise words we have all heard for many years, and when we truly embody them we can be much happier, joyful and loving.  WE CREATE the very environment for OUR life’s fulfillment. Give yourself a gift by taking the time to investigate and be curious about all of this, as we have a world of knowledge at our very fingertips.

Let’s take a review of our life, are we happy? Do we know what happiness really is? And most importantly, do we feel fulfilled in ALL aspects of our life? If we answered yes to those questions fabulous!

IF we responded with a no let’s take a journey and unfold what really going on while keeping the intention to make changes for the better. This is opportunity to look at what beliefs and perceptions we hold that are continuing to create the same outcomes, that my friends are the golden nuggets to make an enormous change and wonderful shift.  Let’s invite the opportunity to embrace positive change. Remember, it will require us to do the inner personal work to open the doors of transformation.

Write, read, study and gather information about who you think you are and what blocs or misunderstandings are holding you back from living a happy healthy state of being. I would recommend starting with these specific areas:






IF you can’t say I feel fulfilled in all of these areas in my life then it time to go to work unraveling the core of your belief systems this,  I can tell you from years of experience after living in a state of disharmony much of my life.


My thoughts the gift of the body…

   As far as the body goes I have grown a tremendous respect with an unwavering commitment to myself and others to honor this sacred vessel (our body) with gentleness and kindness, and a precious understanding that self-love is the foundation for healthy well-balanced lifestyles.

But…for some people the inner pain and emotional wounds from childhood, other family dysfunction, neglect, abuse, mental illness,, etc. goes so deep that may be hard to peel the layers of these painful experiences.  Many Inner wounds sometimes remain repressed within the energetic system of a human being; and this unfortunate seeds of darkness can show up as violence  that we witness in world with hate, dishonor, shame, disillusionment, confusion, greed, lack of trust and faith, and much more.

Excessive Alcohol drugs, unhealthy food choices, tremendous physical exertion, smoking and forms of neglect etc… diminish our ability to maintain a healthy balance in ALL aspects of our life.  Some people may abuse, damage, distort and hurt the very gift given to them. (Our amazing complex and miraculous body).

Please understand, there is no blame, shame for criticism here, just an awareness of our experiences- I hope this words can be of help to open our eyes to learning news ways of thinking and being.

There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel….

I don’t have claim to have all the answers and can only recommend some of the things that have helped the many people I have worked with…

Developing Healthy coping strategies may offer a way to come to terms with life and all of its conflicts, traumas and daily stressors. Strategies such as: exercise, therapy, yoga, meditation, stillness, journaling, music & movement, e.g. (Dancing, singing) mindfulness, nature of all sorts, walking, giving by helping help others in need, inviting humor, educating ourselves on spirituality, in addition to cultivating a faith and trust in ourselves and the universe we live in… It takes time, patience and a willingness to want better things for ourselves.

Be gentle with yourself, be kind to you beautiful self and as you peel the layers apart you will see the light of truth in who you really are and share that truth with everyone else you touch.

Another thought….

Do you realize how your body beats for you effortlessly on your behalf and expects nothing in return-just to be loved, appreciated and accepted as it is…your body works tirelessly as a miraculous complex amazing vessel of extraordinary measure.

Just a tidbit of information here…

The US National Library of Medicine notes that: Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The human body is composed of 37.2 trillion cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. Cells also contain the body’s hereditary material and can make copies of themselves. Isn’t this Amazing?

Never, I repeat never take this for granted and your body will be a demonstration of how you mind thinks and believes in loving, appreciating and honoring this generous gift.

**May you be blessed with a healthy radiant mental and physical well-being**

Plastic Divider Stick


plastic divider stick

        Every now and then I like to inject a little bit of levity into some of my blogs and into our evolutionary process, after all God certainly has a sense of humor, so why shouldn’t we?

 The plastic stick divider in the market…..

My understanding is that the Plastic Divider Stick” in the supermarket is primarily used for separating each person’s specific groceries,  seems logical or maybe not?  Trust me after you read this you’ll never see the divider stick the same way again.  🙂

Based on my many trips to the supermarket I have come to these observations as to uses of the Plastic divider stick:

1-It could be used as a pointing device to let the cashier know that this particular sack of potatoes is yours and not the unhappy person behind you. (as I observe this today I begin to chuckle to myself)

2- It could be used unfortunately as “hand tapping” tool, as I noticed one mother gently tap her son’s hand who was reaching for the candy next to the register,,” no- no dear that’ll give you cavities, have a chia seed bar instead” hum, ..Not quite as comforting as dark chocolate with peanut butter, which would be my choice in the moment- but being a health-conscious mom, this behavior is most commendable!

3- The divider stick could be used as a reaching device, kind of like the grabber I have at home when I can’t reach for the cans on the upper shelf- my handy-dandy Grabber is available. Today our illusive divider stick helped a man to reach the cans waiting on the counter that didn’t make it to the conveyor belt. Most novel, and resourceful.

4- Probably not one of the best uses, it could be a toy for the little baby who had nothing to do and began crying, so the mother gave her son this distraction to keep him busy.  This was a course was temporary fix,  because when he began sucking on the germ ridden stick she promptly took it from her son and put it back on the conveyor belt.
(I couldn’t help but step in, and ask the cashier to wipe that down with her disinfecting cloth- as that seems to be the right thing to do for other prospective customers).

5- The plastic divider could be invite sharing from one cashier to another, especially when some cashiers have 10 plastic divider sticks and other check- out lines have none.  How does this actually happen?  Plastic sticks don’t have legs, maybe we should blame it on the cleaning help as they are disinfecting each stick they probably forget to put them all back. Probably not….At the end of the day it’s always wonderful to share with another and pay forward our abundance in life.

I am sure if you think about, we can find many uses other than what things are intended to be for.. But that my friend is another blog… 

Keep smiling and see the humor in life, because it there, you just have to open your eyes to  it and laugh…it will lighten your heart and make way for more aspects of your being to relax, kick back and enjoy…



Just say…Thank You   

thank you


I always find it most interesting to watch people as they receive compliments. Not in a way of criticizing or in judging others, but to just notice how much they allow their beauty to be recognized and honored.  Many of us don’t accept and acknowledge compliments. What is it in our conditioning that has embedded itself so deeply in our belief system that allows us to hide from kind words? I have come to believe it is because we do not want to be seen. I can’t help but question, why?  In my many years of therapeutic practice I have seen many people believing the notion that they do not measure up and are not deserving or worthy of goodness.?  We see themselves as less than… Do we believe that we have to look or act a certain way to be worthy of praise?  For some of us sadly, the answer would be yes. I felt this way for much of my life.

Why is it we cling to a set of rules that simply are not true? And then we innocently live by this rules…So, the question then becomes whose rules are they? Certainly they are not ours, but we make them ours by believing them and living by them. We unconsciously buy into perceptions, perspectives and beliefs that do not reflect our true nature of being. No criticism here, I am here to blame no one or nothing. Our level of conscious awareness determines how we choose to perceive and live our lives.

 It is time to realize that everything we may have heard or been told is someone else’s experiences and guidelines, which may or may not resonate with us. Yes, folks it is not our stuff…what an interesting notion….

Throughout the majority of my life when anyone paid me a compliment I always had to justify myself,  for example ” someone may have said “oh I really like that shirt you’re wearing,” and I responded “oh yeah I got this on sale last week.”  I don’t remember ever saying “thank you” to receive those beautiful words. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I wasn’t allowing that person the benefit of giving, or even acknowledging and accepting their kindness. Unconsciously, I did this all time and didn’t even recognize it. Does this sound familiar?  It’s only within the last few years I figured this out. Many people I encounter do the same thing, they avoid kind words about themselves and find ways to disregard and not pay attention to another person’s words of empowerment.  In our innocence I believe we do this because we haven’t come to the realization about how amazing we really are
I heard Matt Kahn say this last week and I thought it was genius so I’m going to repeat it

“We are never really ready for the words that matter most to us.”

Think about it, in hiding from the compliments we don’t have to be seen. If we were seen for the beauty that we are, we would have to open our eyes to the truth about ourselves, and for some people that can be very difficult. Our conditioning has led to believe it’s easier to hide behind the shadow of misperception rather than destroy the “so called” truth about what we’ve come to believe about ourselves.  Familiarity and fear walked hand-in-hand at times.

The Ego /Shadow self represents our soul’s immaturity, it doesn’t know how to say nice things to us, and will find every way to sabotage, contort and misinterpret our greatness and beauty within. We then innocently develop learned patterns of behavior that are not serving us.

The good news is we can absolutely change the way we think by being willing to embrace prior assumptions, and beliefs that are grossly out of proportion.  As we continue to walk more in embracing the light of Who We Are …over time we step into awareness and connect with the inner essence of our spirit. And, from that vantage point we can easily and effortlessly step back, observe these patterns and make some positive and healthy changes in loving ourselves. 

Truly, self-love has always been, presently is now and will always be a consistent unwavering force of good to heal any wounds of the heart. When we allow ourselves to step into our light from the Shadows we then open our eyes to honor and accept the beauty of our being then our outer world shifts. WE ARE Precious, Radiant and Magnificent in every way- here to give and receive love by being our best and shining our light for all to see…


Have you ever been blind- sided?

upside down

Most recently this was my experience. It is not fun, in fact it felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath my feet.  You think you understand people based on their actions, behaviors and words, but then you see a VERY different side of them that literally turns you upside down.  I had to ask myself, where the hell did that come from?  Life is a constant barrage of ups and downs filled with many conflicts and well as beautiful, joyful experiences. I wonder, how we can ever be prepared to handle each experience, each relationship, and every occurrence while remaining sane, centered, and not wallowing in guilt, self- pity and blame when things don’t work out according to our plan or timeline.

I believe this question can be answered in a number of ways, but one that comes to mind is to commit to yourself to have NO attachments to anything.

Let me explain; when we attach our emotions/feelings to something or someone we unconsciously look for certain expectations and specific outcomes.  I don’t know the future do you? When we put conditions on anything in life- I have found – is a time bomb waiting to explode essentially.

Certainly things can work out with a happy ending, but, what happens when you don’t get the job, don’t have the relationship you thought you did, or don’t make the sports team?  We can set ourselves up for a major disappointment- and that doesn’t feel very good. There is nothing wrong with wanting everything to work out wonderfully, but please let’s not put all our eggs in the basket- as we do not know the future for ourselves and anything else.

Keeping the mindset that all will work out, IF IT IS MEANT TO demonstrates a realistic & optimistic way of being. Plus, we can really save ourselves a lot of aggravation, sadness, heartache, especially when things don’t work out the way we want them too. Living an unconditional life essentially helps us to live happier and healthier. Truly, life is complex enough, wouldn’t you agree?

Time and time again I watch so many people suffer with their own conditional thinking patterns.  It can be a cycle that can go on and on with no resolve unless we invite the possibility of being willing to shift our beliefs and thoughts. It is always in our best interest to hope for the best, show up and stay in our integrity throughout all of our experiences.  After all, that is our natural state of being so effortless and easy when we allow it to be…the choice is up to us with how we want to experience life.

I use nature as a consistent reminder to go with the ebb and flow in life.  I don’t see nature struggle during windstorms, snow storm, hurricanes etc. It just goes with whatever life demonstrates.  That is a reflection of our truth as well. Yes curve balls will come and go but when we just catch our breath, remain calm and go with the flow the down turns and blind-sided occurrences are so much easier to weather…

Love and blessings to all, and know  “you” are perfect in the eyes of the divine,  please be gentle with yourself as we are all innocent children of this grand universe who are remembering just how great we all are in this journey we call life.  🙂


THE Real McCoy


I laugh, I cry,

I run, I sigh,

So much effort put forth

And, God knows why…


I smile, and I feel,

I succumb to what’s real,

The stakes are high and I

Don’t know why?


I am on a ride,

Going fast, then slow

But I feel reassured

That somehow… I know


What is the next turn?

Where do I go?

It seems so fruitless

But, then…… there’s a flow…


Is this the right way?

Or am I living a lie?

Life shows up in

The blink of an eye


Feeling vulnerable

And, oh so revealed

Is this a weakness?

Or do I stay so concealed?


I look for a sign

And continue to roam

So many Detours

On my way home


Times of darkness and times of dread,

Helps me to open the doors ahead,

Revealing what true, & giving up the fight

By allowing Stillness, I embrace my light.


As the story goes on

And I move ahead

It becomes much easier

To surrender… And… be led.


Is this a dream?

a play of life

am I  the actress

with all of this strife?


The Ebb of the tides

So constant and

Moving, I now see a

Clearing, my vision is improving,


Courage, wisdom and love lead the way

How could I every have gone astray?

Awareness, trust, faith and joy

My compass for life

The real McCoy!


A quiet confidence now shining within

Knowing who I am is always a win,

It is wonderful to realize we all are so much

Impacting this world through all we touch


A breath of fresh air is waiting for us

When we drop the illusions & all of the fuss,

A spark of the divine so ready to ignite,

Step into your power & shine your light.

Janet DiTroia















Are You Willing?

be willing two

Are you willing to let go of the things that no longer serve you by sabotaging your ongoing efforts?  Are you willing to let go of the relationships that don’t nourish and support you? Are you willing to step into the truth about who you are and why you are here?  Are you willing to claim your power, live from that state of being & know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?

Are you daring to dream big and bold knowing everything you have is already within you?  Are you willing to honor every emotion that comes up even if it tears your heart apart? Are you willing to see yourself as beautiful exactly as you are, no matter how you look in the mirror, and what you have or haven’t done etc.? Are you willing to embrace that inner child who needs attention and wants to know what’s going on when she/ he is confused or feeling hopeless/helpless?  Are you willing to step into compassion and empathy for everybody and everything in your life no matter what?
Are you willing to forgive everything and everyone knowing that every person is doing their best based on their model of the world and level of consciousness? Are you willing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable ready to take it to the next level of inner growth and soul expansion?  Are you willing to let go of all the Illusions lies and beliefs of who you think you are to now embrace the unveiling of your magnificence?  Are you willing to let go of scarcity thinking and the illusion of insufficiency to truly embrace your abundance and Divine inheritance?  Are you willing to realize you are most deserving and worthy of the best life has to offer? Are you willing to see yourself as your creator sees you perfect in every aspect of your being, nothing broken or out of place, but divinely designed with a perfection Beyond understanding? Are you willing to speak to yourself with gentle words and kind thoughts knowing that you are a child of the universe navigating through the complex map of life?
Are you willing to realize you’re never alone & always cradled with unconditional love in the hands of our creator?  Are you willing to realize there is no such thing as coincidence and accidents, as everything is synchronistic with perfect intention?  Are you willing to step up and take responsibility for your life and your thoughts? Are you willing to embrace failure knowing success is just on the other side? Are you willing to make your dreams and your Visions manifest in your physical reality?  Are you willing to understand that when you get triggered by what people say it’s in regard to some deep feelings that still need to be processed within you? (Step out of blame and into self -responsibility ).

In the words of Wayne Dyer, one of the utmost Visionaries…
“It’s not that you don’t have the willpower or the ability to resonate with any of these truths – it’s that you’re not in a place of readiness, a student who is ready is a learner who is willing.”

Life will continue to give you tests adversities and challenges all delicately orchestrated to help you rise above and transcend to your higher knowing.  You have to be willing to connect to that knowing and look deeper within for all of your experience to flow with our grand plan. That is the road to real magic of personal transformation.

And.. one of the very very important thing to remember ALWAYS..

Are you willing to realize that you are God’s highest form of creation?

 Because the truth is you are and will always will be…