Drawing my lines in the Sand


Drawing my lines in the Sand (my own personal experience) 

I have come believe that throughout much of my life I have drawn lines in the sand.  Lines of doubt, crippling fear, confusion, agony, imprisonment, lack, suffering, regret, frustration and more.  I had to ask myself why, why on earth would this happen to a little kid, why me?  So full of innocence, love, imagination so carefree and pure, ready to embark on this new adventure called life. Did I have blinders on? Or was my vision impaired in some way, a way that eluded me for so very many years.

I found out that trauma, shame, guilt and anything else that robs us of our inner peace sabotages us from aligning with our true nature. These false beliefs and so-called limitations that we have innocently bought into for some reason or another begin to diminish our human spirit piece by piece.  This can happen for many people- but the very good new is…things can absolutely change for the better.

Believing with unwavering faith, trust and a knowing that a much bigger force of love is at work here helped me to breathe easier.  It has taken me much strength and resiliency to embrace a difficult journey and rise above all the challenges to now hold my head up high  with a big smile on my face. If I can do it, so can you, just by putting one foot in front of another each and every day.

At an important age of 47, a very pivotal point in my life, I every so gently took back  my control of living unconsciously for so many years.  I began stepping into my power and making a commitment and promise to take the time and unwavering determination to make big shifts and small shifts, whatever it took to make sense from the whole picture that was playing for 47 years. It was one tissue at a time, one journal entry at a time in my 10+ books and connecting with spirituality in ways I could have never imagined. In addition I began stepping into service of giving and that really has helped to turn my around as to what important and where to focus my time and precious energy.

The other side of the line….

is happiness, joy, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, love, abundance, nourishment, support etc. I speak for myself here, but now I very clearly understand and know that my emotional pain, and trauma were a necessary part of my unraveling to the understanding of who I am why I am here. My adversity had to open up the inner child…. you know….the child in ALL of us who sometimes screams out for attention and acknowledgement wanting to be honored and loved. She wanted to hear the words “it all going to be ok I am here for you no matter what.” I’ve got you back and we are in this together” For the first time in my there seemed to be a voice and I could hear it!!! Who is that talking to me?  It was the quiet assured voice of my higher self (source, higher consciousness, God, wisdom, there are many names for this powerful force of LOVE) and it was clear, peaceful, and most loving. This voice of intuition/guidance is there for everyone.  But, we have to take the time to connect with the voice of love-and when when we do our life changes dramatically for the better. (I have discussed this in past blogs, so feel free to find out some ways you can connect with your true essence).

Everyone spiritual awakening does not need to have tumultuous circumstances as I did, as your journey is most uniquely designed with the perfection of your soul’s agenda and evolution expansion.  My hope is that you always bask in the journey of mystery  and wonder opening yourself to the truth of your beauty and creativity by living your completeness with intention, purpose and passion….and course Love…. always Love…

Spiritual Resiliency




Being most curious as I am- I had to ask myself this question, and I don’t really know if I got all the answers nevertheless I’m going to share my thoughts.

What is it be Spiritual Resilient?

It seems that one definition can’t capture all. I have come to understand that we bring resiliency forth in our lives every day and most people aren’t aware of how capable and strong they really are….

So, let’s get back to the question what is Spiritual Resiliency?
Is Spiritual Resiliency the ability to withstand adversity and challenges which can be the deepest and darkest demons helping to dismantle our emotional pain piece by piece as if there is nothing left but emptiness?


Is Spiritual Resiliency the complete display of understanding and compassion when things happen that seem to have no explanation, or at least not something you readily understand while in the in midst of the experience?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about forgiveness not only of yourself but of all the people, circumstances, and events that seemed to have diminished your self-esteem and your sense inner of safety/security?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about saying no to others when it’s high time you say yes to yourself – because you need to some well-deserved time off to replenish, refresh and rejuvenate?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about standing up for the values you believe in and making that a demonstration of how you choose to be in all aspects of your life?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about lighting the Fire Within through connecting with your deepest self, and allowing that gentle voice to unfold the creativity and beauty of your natural inheritance.


Is Spiritual Resiliency about looking in the mirror and saying I love you, you’re beautiful just as you are- no matter how you look, and no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done in your life thus far?


Is spiritual resiliency about knowing that people are going to do things that can be hurtful and downright mean. So do we make it about us and take it personally? Or do we step into our wisdom and realize that it is never about us, but the pain from coming out from their healing journey.


Is Spiritual Resiliency about something as simple as showing up for your child’s concert, or sporting event while you’re freezing your butt off outside in the Blustery winter -showing up because you know how much it means to your child even if they don’t say anything they feel it in their heart through remembering that you were there to support and nourish them in whatever they did.
The key point here is that:  Spiritual Resiliency is in everything we do, it cannot be isolated to one specific circumstance, event, or person for it is the very fabric woven into the tapestry of life itself.

Remember, it is never our experiences and circumstances that define us, it is how we choose to experience at all. That is where the real power emanates from, the authenticity of our natural carefree and light-hearted existence of being the observer in the play of life.  So how do you show in life? What are the choices your making, because they clearly are reflected in you every day experiences. It is so important to embrace each and every blessing bestowed on us from this Grand universe with open arms and heart -centered consciousness knowing we are all unique expressions of love and light with awareness  always ready to unfold yet another piece of our greatness.



Moral and Values

good or bad

A recent channeling- with Source, Higher self, God, Soul, Wisdom) An excerpt from one of my journals- Feb/2019

While lying awake today at about 4:33 am (yes I looked at the clock) it’s not uncommon for me to have inner conversations during the nighttime with myself and God. Today, I asked:

Me: “So do we follow our morals or our values? Morals always seem to be the “right” or “wrong” thing to do. I think I have spent much of my life determining what is right and what is wrong. How to raise the children, follow the rules, say this or don’t say that. Speak only when spoken too, children should be seen and not heard, don’t say that! “They will listen” “who knows what “they” will think of you. Ahhhhhh…I hear that inner voice of reason with all the morals of how to think, eat, live, act, talk, and listen,” sometimes my mind wants to explode from all the do’s and don’ts.”

So, God what you take on all of this?

God: “First let’s clear something up sweet one, “there is no “right” or “wrong.” It’s all a matter of perception. What one man sees through his eyes may be totally perceived in a different light through another man’s eyes.

If a man is wed to one women and another man is wed to many woman is either of the commitments any less sacred for each person? Certain customs follow these very traditions so it not a man’s decision to judge another’s actions, customs or traditions as “right” or “wrong.”

“Morals are something that man has developed to give a sense order in the human experience. Morals can be of help to navigate through one’s journey. Just as many illusions are prevalent in the minds of man-ALL here to serve the greater good, the unfolding of destiny. “Everything” is here to help beings evolve to their highest level of awareness mastery.”

Me: “Ok…… that was an earful” But I will say, it taken me years, maybe even lifetimes to realize those very words, “Everything is Here to help us.”

(This is another blog here, all in itself, because I am sure there is more for me to realize).

God: “The emotions are drawn from the values that are deeply embodied in every being. Values such as: truth, righteousness, peace, love non-violence, etc… And when man is living/being in accordance with his deepest values he living a life of authentic empowerment aligned with Harmony, Equanimity, Unconditional love, Joy, and Contentment.

Me: “I guess you mean your beliefs, values, culture, experiences and circumstances help to shape your perceptions and therefore help you to broaden your perspectives.”

God: “Yes and more, when you are ready…”

Me: “ So if I feel peaceful when I wake up, then a few hours later my peace gets disturbed by someone screaming in the market at the cashier, I have a choice right?” I can choose to be aggravated with the present situation, (giving my power of peace away) or (in demonstrating the value of understanding) I can choose to remain calm and patient understanding that sometimes people have unsettling circumstance in their lives and many not know how to deal with them in that moment-who knows- many that man has a very sick wife at home or he lost his job. In that moment of understanding I can then cultivate my inner patience, a value I hold near and dear to my heart.”

God: “Nicely said”

Me: “I know I am on a journey to continually unfolding my destiny but does it ever end?”

God: “Endings are beginnings to start anew, all is ever flowing and ongoing in the constant circle of life-every expanding, every growing in the infinite space of stillness… beyond understanding…”

Me: “Glad we got to talk, thanks, I love you…”

Running on Empty



To all of the wonderful light workers here to help transform the planet into the heaven and earth we all know it to be- a gracious and grateful THANK YOU!  Truly, we are doing outstanding work of being  beacons of  light for so many others, but… It is most important that we also have to rejuvenate the light of love for ourselves. In fact that is first and foremost…

When our gas tanks get low and are almost empty do we keep driving our cars?  No of course not. We would be literally stuck fairly soon as we would be running on empty. Then why do so many people run themselves into the ground -full of fatigue with tremendous exhaustion, many times leading to illnesses?

We are all …

on a journey of awakening- expanding our consciousness and growing into becoming the greatest and grandest version of who we are and that requires much consistent self-care, self -love with an honoring of how our bodies and minds are feeling. I know I do not speak for myself here, but haven’t there been times when we have felt emotionally and physically drained yet we continue moving, not listening to signs and signals of our minds and bodies? The truth for many is a resounding yes.

May I graciously suggest we listen to the red flags our minds and bodies are giving us- as it will eventually turn into a loud scream, a depressed immune system and inevitable sickness.  When we just breathe we can ask ourselves what we need? A nap? A vacation?  A weekend away?  A date night? A bubble bath? Quiet time alone? Listen to the every so confident voice within, and follow it. You will be giving yourself a gift of love.

While nourishing, supporting and enriching others we need to replenish ourselves. I have been there with feelings of being so tired that I just want to sleep all the time. This drop in physical energy even with a full night’s sleep is a clear indication we need to take a well-deserved break.  We must ask ourselves “What things could we be doing to help ourselves, and how are we regenerating, refreshing, rejuvenating?”  The response may be “hum… I don’t know.” That is the red flag to remind ourselves to begin laying out a plan for self-love, self-care and follow it through with unwavering intention and determination. This is an act of self- love by acknowledging the voice of truth.

My friends and light workers, it is No doubt that we are here to transform this planet in ways we can’t even begin to imagine, but it starts by owning and stepping into our own power with integrity, and dignity through completely honoring ourselves first…

Thank you for loving yourself enough to take action because when you do, you will find “running on empty” is only an idiom and not a way of living your life in alignment with wisdom of your soul.




One Size Fits All

one size fits all  During my most recent shopping excursion I noticed various pieces of clothing stating the words “one-size-fits-all.”  Really?  Does that really work given all of women’s many beautiful shapes and sizes.?  I have to ask myself who is the “all” in “one size fits all”?  Is it the mannequins at size zero, ok lets be fair, maybe, size two then 🙂  I speak for myself here but I didn’t find that “one size fits all”  to be my experience- especially after trying on a variety of garments, so maybe… one size doesn’t fit all.

Since I’d like to bring metaphors into my writing this is the perfect segue to do so…

I wonder… Can there be a “one size fits all”  in our way of  being? One amazing way that works for the whole of humanity?  Think about it.
What is life asking you to be in this moment?  Are you being: a husband, a mother, a child, the face of doubt, the lingering fear of believing your not enough, the joyful celebration of birth, the grieving of a loved one,  a survivor of  horrific circumstances with financial crisis or even physical disease?  So many of us are encountering these very circumstances each and every day of our lives, and for some it can be a rough ride.As we walk through our journey of human existence life is continually providing an array of constant experiences: some of them filled with joy, and others filled with challenges.  Wayne Dyer said it so eloquently “Challenges are Opportunities in Disguise.”  It took me some time to finally understand this truth of wisdom.

I believe all experiences are here to provide us with the very blueprint of our ongoing awareness and spiritual expansion.  Everything is here to help us by enabling us to have a variety of feelings, attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, conditions, behaviors, illusions etc.  Nothing is coincidence, in fact I see every circumstance as a divine design (as I have alluded to in many of my writings).

But on the flip side, these adversities can feel quite overwhelming and downright in human, so inhuman that some of us just want either burst wide open and scream or hide under a shell. Not wanting to embrace things that don’t feel good seems to make sense, I know because I’ve been there.  But I also have come to realize that these experiences are the growing pains of our soul’s expansion.  As we know life does not come with a book of directions, it is then up to us to look within to our own inner navigation system of heart centered consciousness.  I believe beyond the shadow of any doubt that we all have tremendous value and a unique purpose for being on this planet and in this space time continuum as we embark on the verge of earth’s ascension.

Who know where this sometimes crazy ride of life’s adventure will take us, after all nothing is guaranteed but rest assured we are growing in wisdom and as more and more of us realize our true nature we will all rise above the pain and turmoil of this world and shine our light for beauty of humanity…….

Now that I think of it- .…maybe “One size does not fit all”  in regard to clothing, but when it comes to realizing who we are -the infinite size of  PEACE, COMPASSION, JOY REVERENCE, HONESTY,  FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE, etc. remains a constant in the EVER FLOWING stream of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

May we all experience the Unwavering Loving Light of  Christ Consciousness during the upcoming holiday season, I send my love, and best wishes for all…..

In grace and gratitude, thank you for being you!




eyes two

              What we choose to ignore in life shows up as our blind spot…                                                                                                   

During my many times of contemplation I focus on my life, reviewing it with conscious intention and attention towards the things that are important for my evolutionary growth and, for Humanity as it embarks on the Forefront of New Beginnings.

My wisdom has helped me to realize that many people are not aware of seeing and hearing the complete picture of what going on in their hearts, minds, and spirits and within the world around them. Please allow me to offer some spiritual insights, which which also may hold to be true for you.

What we physically see does not by any means present a complete picture. There are “blind spots” that are hindering us from evolving to our ultimate potential and limitless sense of being.  For some it is anger, frustration, abuse, heartache, grief, etc…for others it may be neglect, depression, and anxiety.  Sadly, the list is long for some of us. But the great news is we have the ability to change our lives for the better. As we co-create with the universe the horizons can be much brighter for ourselves and for humanity.

Let’s ponder some thoughts here….

Are we willing to question prior assumptions, beliefs, subconscious programming and thought patterns we have heard and believed throughout our lives?  Let’s listen to ourselves, look at our lives what do we see? What have we co-created with the Universe?   It is not rocket science to see that when we do not feel good, are not happy or fulfilled and just exist, something is in disharmony , we are out of alignment with our divine nature of being- that is why we do not feel good.  Feelings are your navigation system for they will always guide you to the ultimate truth.

Oprah said something words similar to this, “Don’t let a quiet voice turn into a scream.”  How penetrating those words were to me and caused me to invite the possibility that there is something more that we all need to hear, or at the very least be willing to allow ourselves to summon forth to gain a more complete picture of life as we know it… Don’t let your life scream at you to pay attention to what your heart already knows…

Many well known scholars are aware of this, as it has been alluded to time and time again over the centuries in many types of literature.   How much longer must we suffer as people and, as a nation?

“When would it be a good time to step into our power and take our life back”?  I would graciously suggest now.

Our life is a demonstration of our belief systems, thoughts, perceptions and perspectives etc.  If we feel anything less that wonderful there are blinds spot preventing us from fully flourishing. I speak for myself here but I have put in many painstaking years to cultivate happiness. It is a choice, and my responsibility that I take very seriously.  We all have to be responsible and step up with our own healing.  And, many times that means peeling the layers of our life apart to honor and embrace our true resilience. Now,  some layers  are more painful than others- but nonetheless need to be reconciled to better align  with our soul’s wisdom. We possess tremendous power when we connect with our true essence.  Our core is LOVE which is free of burdens, suffering, emotional pain, trauma, etc.

There is no magic pill to take, no magic wand to wave in this moment of disdain, in fact all the answers lie in the quietness of our soul’s voice, and when we make a conscious effort and take time to listen to the quiet voice within, our answer are revealed.  When we are in better resonance with our deepest knowings we feel much happier, healthier and more joyful- this is then reflected in all aspects our lives, (emotionally, financially, physically,  spiritually, and with relationships).

Quieting one’s mind is a process and it can be accomplished over time and patience in a variety of ways. Meditation can be a wonderful experience as is nature, for it provides a multitude of resources.  I know people who revel in the chance to play in their gardens, and grow crops with pride and satisfaction.  Painting and Yoga are other wonderful ways to relax and be one with your core essence. The list is long so find what resonates with you in a relaxed place of of stillness.

Our inner words of wisdom can stop us peacefully in our tracks and guide us make shifts in our perceptions, perspectives, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.  These soft beautiful spoken words are of complete Unconditional Love, Unwavering Acceptance and a constant showering of Empathy, Compassion and Peace that many of us can’t even begin to understand just yet…but, we can embrace with open arms…

I know all of this can be hard to believe especially with all of the turmoil and tumultuous events we encounter, and are shown day in and day by the media, our experiences and other external circumstances.   Please understand that it is not the complete picture, it represents only the External World.  We are much more than our circumstances. Our infinite true essence is in the non-physical and we can only connect to this knowing when we will allow ourselves to fully embody and  believe that something much more exists beyond our physicality.

It took me many years to realize this- I now live by these words and am most heart-centered to share them.  I will say it has changed my life and my vision of what’s possible in serving humanity in ways I never could have imagined.

Remember, our wisdom is our divine inheritance- a gift ready to be opened with joy, exuberance and gratitude; if, and when we allow ourselves to surrender to the truth of who we are…. Amazing, magnificent beings of light and love who are most deserving and worthy of happy, joyful and fulfilling experiences.  It is up to us to make the exciting shift in consciousness. Go for it, and know you are most amazing!


a side note….

It is no coincidence my friend that you are reading this, you too want to believe something else is possible, something much bigger and something much better than you presently understand… It is time to for honoring the real reason you are here…..and when you embrace the quiet voice of love on the inside, you will know …




Uncharted Territory

umcharted territory


Just as a ship navigates through the vast ocean awaiting its destination drawing closer and closer to the land, we too venture through life with many uncharted territories leading us down many ongoing paths to our Soul’s Awakening.
Metaphorical words and so very true. We don’t have a road map or book of plans to tell us where we are going in life. It is the sheer faith and ability that we cultivate within ourselves to create the roads that we choose to travel.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a map of exactly where to go, when to show up, and who to speak with? How easy then it would be to live a simple, most graceful fulfilling life, without even lifting a finger? Poof! We just use the magic wand and all would be there exactly as we want it to be…how wonderful would that be? The ego side of me would say “heck that sounds like a great plan.”  But my deepest wisdom says…not really Janet.

Where does that give us room for imagination to use our creative power in expansion of   our minds and bodies? – How then could we even embrace our deepest and most inspiring visions and dreams? The road would and could not be traveled.

We always hear the words the “Joy is in the Journey,” not the destination.

I can remember those days when I was a little girl during the Christmas season, oh how excited I would be in the grand anticipation of opening all of my gifts. Just the thought of tearing all the ribbons and paper off to see all the goodies, always made my heart sing and dance with joy. Why would we ever deny ourselves of this experience?

Think about it, if everything was already figured out all the exciting sense of anticipation, surprise and mystery would somehow get lost in the shuffle. It wouldn’t be interesting because we wouldn’t be part of the process in bringing things to life.

Sure it might be fun for a brief period of time to magically have it all, but anything that truly is Amazing, Memorable, and Loving, WE have co-created with our grand universe. And when we are part of the process- bringing passion and commitment to focus and attention- now that’s where the magic lies…

I certainly do not have all the answers, but I have come to realize that we are the artist of our lives and with this blank canvas may we all paint bringing beauty and goodness to this world with everything we intend on being.  Let us graciously navigate the uncharted territories with curiosity, excitement, imagination and everything that inspires and ignites us to serve the light of our hearts for the well-being of all…Namaste