A State of Inquiry (channeled w/spirit 8/21/2019) 



 I hear these words echoing in my heart every day…” Walk with openness, confidence and joy each and every moment “, Really? Sometimes I can’t help but question that way of being. Now, I know it’s not because I am crazy or stupid so their must be something to it, or why the heck do I hear it so often?


– Does a hummingbird wonder how many times to flutter it’s wings every moment?

-Does a tree demonstrate a lack of confidence when it loses a branch or when leaves fall off?

-Does grass strain or worry to grow with each new season demonstrating its vibrancy and freshness?

-Does a baby know when its hungry, wet, need physical intimacy, or anything else to serve its basic needs?

-Does the sun or moon have difficulty shining its light for all to see?


OK then, the point here would be is not to be concerned or worry?


Although those are true statements…Look deeper Janet

-Does your heart beat without you telling it to do so?

-Do birds know where to fly when the seasons change?

Does the cocoon gently break open to reveal a most joyous moment with a beautiful butterfly ready to take flight to the heavens above?


You mention nature often in these examples. It is apparent nature has a natural divine order. Things flow so easily and effortlessly; As if all goes along without any confusion or concern. It really is amazing and flawless.


Do you see the unspoken natural confidence, joy and peace that flows in nature and in life, YOUR LIFE? There is a divine perfection that is impeccable, just as a constant breath nourishes and supports your life.


I am doing my best to realize these things, and I am committed to understanding.


Wonderful! Be aware, notice and as you continue to be mindful of life and all of its offerings, your sense of openness, confidence and joy will revel itself to you with ease and grace. No strain, no confusion just a beingness that goes beyond human understanding….


That is deep wisdom which I choose to align with, thank you! Another question, guess I am full of questions…lol…. why aren’t we taught this stuff early on in life so we furnished with the tools to live a more peaceful and happy life? 


Your journey is one of remembrance of who you are… life is expressed through you. As you remember the wisdom of your mature soul you will see that whatever you need is already within you. Sweet child you are an individualization, a uniqueness of love, (GOD) and you possess unlimited infinite power and potential. When you fully realize this… your questions are already answered….


Well…. OK then, I’m good for now. Thank you













The God IAM

Do you realize everything you can do when you fully embrace the amazing you?

You’ll  never look at the world the same because you realize there is nothing is to blame

The journey is long so divinely laid out, and with trust and faith you are free from doubt.

The cosmos is infinite and you are the same, step into your power it’s time to reclaim

When we open our eyes to see the truth of our light, we let go of illusions, the  suffering, the strife.

Imagine, create, and come out to play as this curious child never goes astray.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings live in the moment with a heart that sings…

Surrender to love, let go of the dark, as you follow the path of your Internal spark…

Release the sadness, the misery and pain,  for we are not meant to live with strain.

Self- love helps you connect with your heart,  and this opens the door for a brand new start..

There is an Ebb and Flow most gentle and free guiding us all so peacefully.

Even if life seems to go wrong, remember the fire within burns very strong

With each experience we meant to grow.. all doing our best to go with the flow.

Many mysteries and excitement lie ahead take one step, and gently be led,

You are safe and protected and have always been, believing anything else you cannot win.

You’re light will shine very bright, when you realize this truth… and let go of the fight.

Each moment is Precious so do not wait, embrace your completeness and your authentic fate…

Live, love & laugh as full as you can, and embrace the truth of who you are… the GOD IAM

written by Janet D. Inspired by Spirit…..

The Abandonment of the Soul (7/2019)  (An excerpt taken from my journal during a channeling with spirit)


Janet: Are people abandoning their Soul’s important agenda?

Spirit: This requires further explanation my dear one…

Spirit: These may appear to be strong words but they bring about a tremendous knowing when you truly embody them and understand the meaning behind them. Although many have incarnated into sentient beings, it is of utmost importance to remember that all are and will always be individualized expressions of the divine.

Prior to arrival in this physical body souls made important decisions as to what core truths they chose to experience once again. (such as: honesty, peace, integrity, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, self-love) and in doing so they choose to forget deep core truths.  To say this in a simpler fashion, if someone has chosen to forget what forgiveness is-life will then graciously provide many opportunities to remember what forgiveness means. This could occur throughout many lifetimes for some souls. In essence, whatever a soul needs to be revealed comes forth at the right, time, (as you would say) space, and sequence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Spirit: Sweet Child do you realize that life never gives up on anyone?  It constantly provides many opportunities for realizing the forgotten truths?  It can certainly be an arduous journey for some souls but none the less an amazing one when we take the time to stand back and see the how it all comes to pass. Through all of the many circumstances, relationships and events the human story is then created. Filled with excitement, adventure, joy, happiness, and the many challenges of life’s offerings.

Janet: So, then everything is important and nothing is to be dismissed as irrelevant…it all matters doesn’t it?

Spirit: Yes, every precious moment.

Janet: I say this all the time, “Everything is here to help us unravel the truth of our divine nature.”  This is a sacred journey to be revered and honored, as it lays the complete ground work, and important foundations for every experience to unfold.

Spirit: Yes, well said. And, all beings will eventually come to realize that everything has a purpose and all things are driven by a much larger trajectory than the human mind could ever imagine. Souls will encounter various relationships that help to shape and mold their journey of remembrance. People will do and say things that are beautiful, nice, nasty, demeaning, cruel, loving, and much more, BUT…. It’s all to help people discern and make choices about what feels right and what does not…  Complex yes?

Janet:  Is it true that what people say is never about us, but about the emotional pain, neglect, abuse and anything else they have encountered and are still on a course to heal.  That caveat here is that abuse is not acceptable in any form by anybody, and seeking safe living conditions are paramount, no I repeat no one deserves to be the brunt of someone’s else’s unconscious way of being no matter what the circumstances are.

Spirit: Yes, well said once again.

 Janet:  Is anyone doing anything wrong?

Spirit: No, it is all perfection down to every last detail….

Janet: Really?

OK, now I had to wrap my head around this teaching. But I will say with the utmost of honesty, when I came to understand this teaching it made resonated deeply.  People can only do their best (and that best if different for everyone), based on their conscious understanding (this is key) about who they are and what they believe to be true about life. You can see so many misunderstandings here as you watch the way people act and treat one another. They have much to remember about love, empathy, peace, joy, kindness, generosity, etc.

Spirit: I hope this sheds some light curious one…

Janet: Yes, thank you.

Does this knowing help to enlighten us just a bit,  (for me it definitely does) but it does set the motion my passion and enthusiasm in shining my light to make this world a better place, by bringing us back to the core truth of who we really are and what our purpose is- as we are all the “chosen ones” here to shift humanity back to the truth of heart centered unity consciousness. Deep within our core being we all know this Truth.

I now realize: We are not abandoning our soul, we are all truly do our best to remember our inner wisdom —which, by the way has never left us, it’s just been forgotten temporarily. 🙂

Level Playing Field


During the up and down experiences of life we all encounter adversity and challenge.  Do we to stay the course, weather the storm, and hold tight while navigating through rough terrain? Or do we throw in the towel, give up, or fight back? The decision is up to us and how we choose react will then create the next step of circumstances.  Maybe life is asking us to just ride it all out? And, in time this will allow us to create solutions for the dilemmas that seem to exist? As this is most thought provoking, I find many more question seems to arise in the curious mind.

Have you ever felt that the playing field of life is not level?  Do things appear skewed in one direction or another, definitely not in our favor…or so it seems. Does everything seem to keep going wrong no matter how hard we try?  Are things turning out the way we envisioned?  Some of us may be intrigued and wonder, who got the book of my directions?  And why do I keep taking the wrong turns, driving down dead-end streets or being stuck on a one-way street with no resolution in sight?  Who seems to be navigating this trip? And why on earth can’t they see the clearing ahead?

Then comes the big question- Is this some big dream in our heads or could this reality be our destiny? 

All these questions and so many more I believe are looming in the spaces of the “Collective Consciousness” that we all share.

Some may ask, “How can everything be a divine design? And, if that is true, why is it so difficult to see this perfection? Especially in the midst of chaos and adversity- not only in our personal lives, but in our political, social and economic systems?  What the h*** is going on here?

There is a key point I am alluding to which is:  Can we now begin to realize that all of these things are happening externally- outside of us.  And these things only represent a very small percentage of who we really are. I have come to believe 4% of our life is in the physical the other 96% in the invisible. So, if we are putting all our cards on the table with a mere 4%, we are truly short changing the deeper experience we have all come to realize.

Now, in saying that….
Please understand, I am not diminishing (in any way) the horrific and terrible things that occur day-to-day, What I am saying is ” Everything is here to help us.  Everything is here to push us closer and closer to the Happiness, Joy and Bliss of our authentic nature.  When we can’t see through the dark tunnels it feels diminishing, of course.  I can assure you the time will come and we will know exactly why things happened, what we had to learn from them, and what we choose to do about it. Then the “Aha moment” is revealed. I am making a conscious choice to trust the process and hold believe with unwavering faith. Of course, do what feels right to you.

It is so important to realize that all of life’s occurrences are the very necessary things we all need to catapult the Collective Unconsciousness into a new world. It’s time to realize a new way of Perceiving and Being.  Everything is here to help us shift into the heaven on Earth that is always been here and always will be… The time is now and the place is here on our Earth plane for a monumental shift into AWARENESS- The core truth of aligning with our Souls Clearest,Grandest  Greatest Version and Vision of WHO WE ARE…   Always, remember we are a microcosm of  the macrocosm, “As Above, So Below.”

Tremendous Transformation is already taking place as you read this blog , and it will continue to occur as all beings ascend Into the Higher Consciousness that we came from and eventually transitioning back too…for this, dear kindred spirits is our true home…

Surrendering is Freedom

I guess many would consider that quite a bold statement, but when you pull it apart at the core it can make tremendous sense in the evolutionary process of your soul’s greatest unfolding. Now surrender doesn’t mean to give up everything and not be a co-participating in all of life’s offerings, however it does mean to honor everything that life brings forth with an openness, honesty and acceptance. In this radical state of acceptance you remain heart centered  truly knowing that everything’s here to assist and help you grow and expand into the grandest greatest version of who you are meant to be-in harmonious alignment with source.

Some thought provoking questions to consider… Do you find yourself gong with the ebb and flow of life? Are you living life with simplicity and ease?  and,  Do you dwell in a peaceful state of  being most of the time? 

This are things I had to realize, as I never lived my life in this way.  I have found when I embrace life with no expectations, more things surprise me and enlighten me to feel the magic, and wonder of curiosity.  Wow… embracing life on life’s terms… Certainly not something we are taught in schools, by our parents and not even by some of the greatest scholars.

The truth is there is really no one is at fault as we are a young species all growing together doing the best we can based on our level of conscious awareness. The good thing is that all is changing, and at rapid pace on this planet, and when we are aware and pay close attention to this truth the ever present reality reveals itself.

So, if everything is here to help us isn’t couldn’t it be like opening up a gift?  When we don’t know what to expect we can choose to be delighted at the opportunity to see what’s inside. This doesn’t mean that everything we see will be the very thing we wanted, but I can assure you it will reveal and pull you closer to your soul’s triumph expansion.

I certainly don’t claim to know-it-all, but I do know this… experiencing life by surrendering to the process helps to lighten the heart and the burdens that many of us carry day and day out.  It impacts how we respond or “react” to stressful situations by keeping us more aligned with our authentic self, (Peace, happiness and joy}.

Remember we are not our experiences, we are the “experiencer” of them. (Re read that sentence it is that important to fully digest this wisdom).  In our human physicality we are consistently bombarded with so many opportunities to step into aligning with our selves through our thoughts words and actions.  Many times we do and many times we forget.  So our journey will easily give us many many diverse people, place, events and circumstances etc… that will challenges us to stand in our power of divine truth-then to reflect that level of beingness with everyone else we touch. Not child’s play, but a road of spiritual development and enrichment to enlightenment.

There is So much infinite love is here for us, and, as shows up it can be most mysterious, wonderful and sometimes most uncomfortable. Life is a plethora of experiences all here to help us in every aspect of spiritual growth. It is important to plant the seedlings of truth and then nourish, de-weed, love and cultivate then continually so our garden of love will flourish and blossom beautifully.

When you fully come to know and reflect that you are a spark of the divine -that very foundation provides the fabric for our deepest life experience. Everything changes with our surrendering of this truth. This is radical. Even when you don’t see why and how things are happening but choose to remain calm with the presence of life the Divine Design effortlessly falls into place.

Wisdom speaks…and when it does, please listen and listen very closely…

Did you know our human nervous system is designed to keep us safe at all costs?  And, I am sure it has done so for all of us over the many years we have lived. But it doesn’t have the ability to really understand and dive into our infinite potential and the unlimited possibilities inherent in our divine nature.  When you are conscious and aware, you already know that connecting with that spark brings you to a place of stillness, where all of our true wisdom lies.  Just focusing on each and every breath in this quiet existence revels the deep truth of clarity and over time as you listen and remember the innocence of who you are and the powerful being within you, you begin to confidently live from the way of being. Your worthiness shines and you become a beautiful model for others to do the same. Now that’s empowerment, living from a place of unwavering dignity for all.

Whether in nature, meditation or with any other spiritual practice that aligns you with your deepest sense of who you are is the key to live life from a place of surrender.  It is important to believe, trust and have faith that is a grander power constantly is at work on your behalf.  Can you do this?  Wouldn’t a loving parent look out for their child in every way to make sure they were safe, loved, nourished and happy?  We are all children of this Universe, remember that…

Why would or could we ever believe that the universe so grand, so completely benevolent would be not provide us with the best that life has to offer?  Because many of us are conditioned to believe otherwise and when we step out of that conditioning, we shift in ways we would have never imagined.

It is high time we reclaim our power of dignity, a power that is rightfully ours-and stop giving it away to beliefs and stories that don’t support our deepest wisdom. I salute you for giving yourself the time, patience and willingness to shift into the “Authentic You.” Everything you do matters, we are waiting for you to shine, so would now be a good time?  I believe so 😊


The Masquerade

20-206360_clipart-star-carnival-transparent-background-masquerade-mask-png.pngEverything is Here to Help You….

Here are some experiences that can typically happen in life- How do we choose to respond, or react?  Think about your answers as they are a reflection of how you are choosing to show up in your life. And, the consequences will then pave the way for your experiences.  

1- While walking down the street you notice a homeless person, what do you think to yourself? 

2- You’re stuck in traffic during the rush hour and someone cuts you off….

3- While waiting on the 10-item express line in the supermarket you notice the person ahead of has 30 items…

4- During conversation a variety of people are negatively gossiping, about one of you other friends.

5- You receive your utility bill and it’s 3 times higher than your typical bill, what do you say when you call the company?

6- Your flight is delayed 2 hours then 3 hours, then to the next day.

Since we are all different aspects of the magnificent I am, we know everything is connected.  This is unity consciousness, realizing we are all one. Then I can’t help but ask the question… how does God choose to masquerade every day in our life?  This magnificent force for good with such an intelligence that is always working on our behalf as tremendous unconditional love. Did you know this benevolent goodness shows up every moment of every day in each and every experience, person and circumstance?  For me, knowing this changes everything- how do I want to treat others in my life? What are the specific words and actions that I choose to demonstrate in all of my circumstances and experiences? Truly, there is no wrong answers.    
Reality will show up from the choices we make. So, if we do not like reality, it’s time to choose again so that our outcomes can be different and more in alignment with our dreams and desires, yes???

Everything is here to help us unravel, dismantle, unfold and remember the precious and delicate truth of who we are.  Throughout our life journey we are given so many opportunities to step into the truth of our divinity by reclaiming our power, by standing in our integrity and being responsible for the life we choose to create. 
So how does God show up?  Is he masquerading as the beggar on the street? Maybe, the person on line in front of you at the supermarket?  Or maybe she is the person that cut you off in traffic?
Remember…EVERY experience, occurrence, and circumstance are all delicately organized for your souls growth and expansion. Nothing is coincidence, all are beautiful music playing in the orchestra of life. 

So, no Matter how people choose to be is about how THEY choose to show up in life... Do your best not to take it personal.   Think about how YOU will choose to respond, for that will be the blue print of how YOU experience your life. Everyone is really doing their best given their understanding about themselves and the world around them, just keep in mind the undeniable truth: 
                                  “Everything is Here to Help You”  

So why not choose to be your best self in every given moment- Then your life will be a true reflection of the love, joy, peace and happiness -which is your authentic natural state of being…



And You Thought Life was about You… Think again…

givingAs I laid down on my blanket at my favorite park I began to thoroughly surrender to the basking of the most beautiful Nevada sunshine. With my book in one hand, and a big smile on my face I am now ready to deepen my relationship with nature’s tranquility,

I go to the park quite often to replenish, rejuvenate and taste the sweetness of stillness…today was no different and I really felt I needed this quiet time to myself… just to breath. Presently my life has been very busy with moving, packing and constantly be on the go…. So, I welcomed this gently moment… to just melt…

ALL OF A SUDDEN “Oh My” a BIG wet doggie lick, right my face! “What an adorable fur baby” I thought.  “Buster” was his name, and “kissing” was his game. All of his 8-10 lb. body welcomed me as he jumped with excitement wagging his tail and playing with the utmost of joy. “Here was a piece of heaven” I though, as my love of animals came full circle once again. For the next 15 minutes Buster and I played-he was all too happy to smother me with his unconditional love… so free for the taking. J

His owner, Mike was a nice man, he said he noticed me and was interested in coming over to say hello I, of course obliged. After just a few short minutes I could sense he had a heavy heart, and when he began to talk I knew he desperately needed someone’s attention.  I said nothing, just listened with an inner ear of acceptance.  As he rambled on for over 45 minutes he told me his whole life story with the deepest of detail. In that moment, I knew instinctively why I was guided on this day, at this specific time to go to this park (I have a choice of 3 parks I visit), it wasn’t for me at all,  l was to be there to support, nourish, and help another feel honored and cared for…and lovingly acknowledged.

Throughout Mike’s conversation I noticed he would talk as if another person was on his right, he had a name for him and would refer to him during conversation. This sweet man was so wound up in his story and the details with the screenplay of his life.  I believe he truly forgot a sense of who he was, and innocently spoke to his other self as a way of coping with his life challenges. He held a strong commitment and attachment to his identity and was totally saturated in his drama with each and every word. In my heart I felt the deepest of compassion and reverence for him and his journey.

 Silently I prayed and sent blessings of unconditional love for him and everyone else he touched, offering fulfillment to the deepest of is hearts desires & with assistance to truly help soften his experience by lightening his emotional pain… 

When it was time for me to leave he said the most beautiful words, “You are the best thing that happened to me today, thank you -I am glad I came over to talk with you, I think you are an old soul, yes, an old sage”….

I smiled and said “have a blessed day.”  I also showed him the book I was reading and highly recommended it to him- “The Untethered Soul” –By Michael Singer 

As my spirit continues to embark on this physical journey I have completely come to realize that we are not our stories by any means. We experience them, we embrace the emotions, develop perceptions that permeate our thoughts which then create our experiences. We become so immersed in our conditioning of circumstances- because it all seems so very compelling, so real and so deep. You see the Universe is so perfect in every divine detail we become truly mesmerized in the play of life. We then forget our reason for being…Our journey then becomes the remembrance….


I have spent much of my life or may I say “Lives” lost my stories, attached to a body and mind with a personality that I have identified with, but I am none of these things and neither are you my dear friend. We are all much, much more.

Now may years later as I sit back from the seat of my true self… I see no regret, blame or any other negative emotions about all of my experiences. All were to help me grow, unravel the misunderstandings that I thought were once true-but now have realized that all experiences are here to open up our hearts, reclaim our dignity and know the truth  of our being-as an ever flowing amazing light of expanding consciousness here to embody our soul’s highest level of light and love.

The past is gone, the present is here and the future is on the forefront. Living each moment to the fullest is the plan, taking on life on life’s terms, accepting what is, using discernment as necessary, and ALWAYS leading with love. I am willing to live unconditionally happy no matter what life bring forth, because I know when we live from this state of being we open the floodgates of our Soul’s grandest and limitless potential.

I wonder, can we all be so bold and embrace every situation, choice and life circumstance with only one question- What would Love Do?  When we can live in this Seat of Power, the world is our oyster, and it will lay down a beautiful blanket of love in supporting, nurturing, and nourishing us in every way possible.

May I be the first one to congratulate you for being you! Keep shining your light as a model of Higher Consciousness and an Enlightened Being of Love, only Love and for Love.  And, just so you know life is not about you, it’s about everyone you touch…