The Masquerade

20-206360_clipart-star-carnival-transparent-background-masquerade-mask-png.pngEverything is Here to Help You….

Here are some experiences that can typically happen in life- How do we choose to respond, or react?  Think about your answers as they are a reflection of how you are choosing to show up in your life. And, the consequences will then pave the way for your experiences.  

1- While walking down the street you notice a homeless person, what do you think to yourself? 

2- You’re stuck in traffic during the rush hour and someone cuts you off….

3- While waiting on the 10-item express line in the supermarket you notice the person ahead of has 30 items…

4- During conversation a variety of people are negatively gossiping, about one of you other friends.

5- You receive your utility bill and it’s 3 times higher than your typical bill, what do you say when you call the company?

6- Your flight is delayed 2 hours then 3 hours, then to the next day.

Since we are all different aspects of the magnificent I am, we know everything is connected.  This is unity consciousness, realizing we are all one. Then I can’t help but ask the question… how does God choose to masquerade every day in our life?  This magnificent force for good with such an intelligence that is always working on our behalf as tremendous unconditional love. Did you know this benevolent goodness shows up every moment of every day in each and every experience, person and circumstance?  For me, knowing this changes everything- how do I want to treat others in my life? What are the specific words and actions that I choose to demonstrate in all of my circumstances and experiences? Truly, there is no wrong answers.    
Reality will show up from the choices we make. So, if we do not like reality, it’s time to choose again so that our outcomes can be different and more in alignment with our dreams and desires, yes???

Everything is here to help us unravel, dismantle, unfold and remember the precious and delicate truth of who we are.  Throughout our life journey we are given so many opportunities to step into the truth of our divinity by reclaiming our power, by standing in our integrity and being responsible for the life we choose to create. 
So how does God show up?  Is he masquerading as the beggar on the street? Maybe, the person on line in front of you at the supermarket?  Or maybe she is the person that cut you off in traffic?
Remember…EVERY experience, occurrence, and circumstance are all delicately organized for your souls growth and expansion. Nothing is coincidence, all are beautiful music playing in the orchestra of life. 

So, no Matter how people choose to be is about how THEY choose to show up in life... Do your best not to take it personal.   Think about how YOU will choose to respond, for that will be the blue print of how YOU experience your life. Everyone is really doing their best given their understanding about themselves and the world around them, just keep in mind the undeniable truth: 
                                  “Everything is Here to Help You”  

So why not choose to be your best self in every given moment- Then your life will be a true reflection of the love, joy, peace and happiness -which is your authentic natural state of being…



And You Thought Life was about You… Think again…

givingAs I laid down on my blanket at my favorite park I began to thoroughly surrender to the basking of the most beautiful Nevada sunshine. With my book in one hand, and a big smile on my face I am now ready to deepen my relationship with nature’s tranquility,

I go to the park quite often to replenish, rejuvenate and taste the sweetness of stillness…today was no different and I really felt I needed this quiet time to myself… just to breath. Presently my life has been very busy with moving, packing and constantly be on the go…. So, I welcomed this gently moment… to just melt…

ALL OF A SUDDEN “Oh My” a BIG wet doggie lick, right my face! “What an adorable fur baby” I thought.  “Buster” was his name, and “kissing” was his game. All of his 8-10 lb. body welcomed me as he jumped with excitement wagging his tail and playing with the utmost of joy. “Here was a piece of heaven” I though, as my love of animals came full circle once again. For the next 15 minutes Buster and I played-he was all too happy to smother me with his unconditional love… so free for the taking. J

His owner, Mike was a nice man, he said he noticed me and was interested in coming over to say hello I, of course obliged. After just a few short minutes I could sense he had a heavy heart, and when he began to talk I knew he desperately needed someone’s attention.  I said nothing, just listened with an inner ear of acceptance.  As he rambled on for over 45 minutes he told me his whole life story with the deepest of detail. In that moment, I knew instinctively why I was guided on this day, at this specific time to go to this park (I have a choice of 3 parks I visit), it wasn’t for me at all,  l was to be there to support, nourish, and help another feel honored and cared for…and lovingly acknowledged.

Throughout Mike’s conversation I noticed he would talk as if another person was on his right, he had a name for him and would refer to him during conversation. This sweet man was so wound up in his story and the details with the screenplay of his life.  I believe he truly forgot a sense of who he was, and innocently spoke to his other self as a way of coping with his life challenges. He held a strong commitment and attachment to his identity and was totally saturated in his drama with each and every word. In my heart I felt the deepest of compassion and reverence for him and his journey.

 Silently I prayed and sent blessings of unconditional love for him and everyone else he touched, offering fulfillment to the deepest of is hearts desires & with assistance to truly help soften his experience by lightening his emotional pain… 

When it was time for me to leave he said the most beautiful words, “You are the best thing that happened to me today, thank you -I am glad I came over to talk with you, I think you are an old soul, yes, an old sage”….

I smiled and said “have a blessed day.”  I also showed him the book I was reading and highly recommended it to him- “The Untethered Soul” –By Michael Singer 

As my spirit continues to embark on this physical journey I have completely come to realize that we are not our stories by any means. We experience them, we embrace the emotions, develop perceptions that permeate our thoughts which then create our experiences. We become so immersed in our conditioning of circumstances- because it all seems so very compelling, so real and so deep. You see the Universe is so perfect in every divine detail we become truly mesmerized in the play of life. We then forget our reason for being…Our journey then becomes the remembrance….


I have spent much of my life or may I say “Lives” lost my stories, attached to a body and mind with a personality that I have identified with, but I am none of these things and neither are you my dear friend. We are all much, much more.

Now may years later as I sit back from the seat of my true self… I see no regret, blame or any other negative emotions about all of my experiences. All were to help me grow, unravel the misunderstandings that I thought were once true-but now have realized that all experiences are here to open up our hearts, reclaim our dignity and know the truth  of our being-as an ever flowing amazing light of expanding consciousness here to embody our soul’s highest level of light and love.

The past is gone, the present is here and the future is on the forefront. Living each moment to the fullest is the plan, taking on life on life’s terms, accepting what is, using discernment as necessary, and ALWAYS leading with love. I am willing to live unconditionally happy no matter what life bring forth, because I know when we live from this state of being we open the floodgates of our Soul’s grandest and limitless potential.

I wonder, can we all be so bold and embrace every situation, choice and life circumstance with only one question- What would Love Do?  When we can live in this Seat of Power, the world is our oyster, and it will lay down a beautiful blanket of love in supporting, nurturing, and nourishing us in every way possible.

May I be the first one to congratulate you for being you! Keep shining your light as a model of Higher Consciousness and an Enlightened Being of Love, only Love and for Love.  And, just so you know life is not about you, it’s about everyone you touch…




You Hold the Keys…


Did you know that your perspective is the most important ingredient to creating a most fulfilling life?  So where was this amazing information 50 years ago? Not ready to be realized by much of this human species I believe.  But now the tides have turned, so much more information is readily available in the world of metaphysics and we are all evolving into new ways of being with the natural order of life. We are becoming more aware of the mystery of enlightened beings and what it means to be vibrational in alignment with our soul’s agenda. We have a much better understanding of how each and every one of us can be our own catalyst of monumental change not only for our own personal journey but for the collective of humanity.

This is powerful, and when you truly can wrap your head around what it means to be responsible for your own life the world looks and feel so very different. When we release the misperceptions, misunderstandings and illusions, with all of the stories about our identity of who we “think” we are- then and only then can we step into our own power.  If we are radically being in a state of Allowing life to come forth on life’s terms, it will delicately unfold with much more meaning and purpose. I have come to believe it can be done, as I have seen many people that are waking up from the deep sleep of unknowing to knowing the essence of who they are….

Are you living your life fully or hiding from yourself and everyone else?  Are you believing you need to protect yourself from all of the people, experiences and events? Why?  Open up you whys in life and look to see why you believe the things you do.  And, most importantly, see how these beliefs are serving you to grow in all aspects of life. (Emotionally, physically, relationally, financially, and spiritually.)  Then realize that ALL of our experiences are not happenstance by any means, they are divinely designed to CRACK US OPEN, TO SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE.  Which include: bringing out all the fears, misinterpretations, confusions, false perspectives, feelings of separation, lack of abundance, etc. This list can be very long for some of us and that’s ok. We are worth the time, energy and patience to feel happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Many of us are ready to be bolder and more courageous, as we demonstrate unwavering trust and faith in ourselves and in life- that can never be denied. That is the recipe for growth and awareness- that is the recipe for evolving to a higher level of being.

As we continue…

To open our hearts to the deep embodiment of unity consciousness, we can then help to assist the world towards making much needed positive changes for the better. When we are aware of life offerings, we can see that we always have a myriad of opportunities to dive in, dig deep, trust, listen, release, and heal.

Consider allowing life to move through you, NOT TO YOU…You are not you experiences, you are the EXPERIENCER OF THEM. If you can just get this one point your life will radically change. You are not your experiences you are the EXPERIENCER OF THEM.

Expecting to control how you want things to go with each circumstance is telling life-“I will feel more comfortable if this happens.”  Controlling everything demonstrates no trust and faith in your divine nature.  My friends, “Ye have little faith”.  There is a much bigger plan at stake here.

Live unconditionally with NO attachments/no conditions to anything.  A belief that all works out even if you can’t see this right now, now that trust!

Allow life to unfold with ease and grace….

Would it be so bold to believe that a much bigger power has your back and will always have your back no matter what- That’s faith and that’s LOVE!  The love of your creator, and the love that is held so very deeply for you.

All of these realizations and much more have dramatically changed my life from anxiety and worry to a much more fulfilling state of feeling carefree, lighthearted, and happier and dare I say “enlightened” existence.  🙂



A Cracked Windshield

cracked windshield

I can remember driving on the highway at the brink of the traffic hour with the consistent stop and go becoming monotonous for over an hour. Thank goodness my music saved the day keeping me most chill and happy. There was a huge truck on my right side moving along, and one moment later it passed my vehicle kicking up small pebble which hit my windshield. I really didn’t pay much attention to it and drove on my merry way. It was just a very small rock anyway.

A couple of weeks later – I noticed a very small crack on my windshield glass where the pebble had hit. I thought to myself “Okay it’s just a little spot I’m not going to do anything about it.”  A couple weeks later the little crack got a little bigger. Two weeks later the crack started to display a spider-like affect. My thought was “I can still see though, so all is good.”  The weather became colder and this was kind to the glass apparently, because two weeks later one quarter of my windshield was covered with beautiful lines forming the most amazing unique masterpiece of glass artistry. I had a choice I could let it go for a bit longer or I could take care of this potential hazard. What do you think I did? I took no action to remedy the situation and instead procrastinating thinking “I am too busy to take of this right now so I will wait.”  My lame excuse was, “I can still see very clearly out of 3/4 of the windshield so my driving is not impaired.”  Really?  Are we noticing a pattern here?

Excuses come in all shapes and sizes, maybe one size seems to fit many of us….  My excuse was a windshield crack, what is yours? Maybe you procrastinate to ask your boss for a well-deserved raise for all the extra work you do, or maybe our excuse is not telling someone how much we appreciate them and love them for all the special things they do. It doesn’t matter what happens, it is how we choose to respond, deal with  life as it shows up from moment to moment.

Getting back to the story….

Two weeks later half of my windshield looks like an intricate spider web.  And, although quite beautiful I knew I had to do something about it. I thought to myself. “God what’s this going to cost me?” I know I could easily afford it, and why did the heck did I wait so long to take care of something that is quite important.

I can’t help but wonder how many times in our lives is there a little crack (something that needs to be taken care of but we avoid it) why do we remain paralyzed and not take action when we can absolutely see that there clearly a problem. At times circumstances can start out as a small issue but if we continue to wait it magnifies, and can get out of control making a situation more difficult.

Why are we not paying attention to the little red flags that are there right in front of us?

I chose to sit on my Laurels and obviously the problem was not going to fix itself. Now, in some situations waiting things out may be the solution, but other times when things are more serious it makes the most sense to take some steps to find a more beneficial solution.

I don’t have all the answers to the questions but what I do know is when life presents some type of problems it would be in our best interest to do something about it rather than wait for thing to get out of control.

I did a bit of research here and have listed some of the reasons why we procrastinate:

1-We get caught in a trap of anxiety and/or stress

2-We are disorganized, lazy or just don’t care.

3-We are living on autopilot and a break in our daily routine may through us off our hamster wheel of daily existence

4–Resistance of the task -We find the task unpleasant and aversive so the more time we avoid it, we are likely to procrastinate (this would be me- you mean I have to change my schedule- get a ride home or better yet have to rely on someone to help me?)


6-Fear of the Unknown

7-Lack of Motivation


Not to worry though…

We are all wired with many of these reasons. The key is to beating procrastination is to find out what your specific reasons are for doing so, then addressing them at the core.

A website called “” suggested these 7 things…

  1. Forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past…
  2. Commit to the task. …
  3. Promise yourself a reward. …
  4. Ask someone to check up on you. …
  5. Act as you go. …
  6. Rephrase your internal dialog. …
  7. Minimize distractions. “

Even if you committed to doing a few of these great ideas you can definitely make a difference in minimizing your procrastination.  Dear ones, its time to move onward, hold you head up high and know you are the road for making your life better and the lives of everyone else you touch!


Intuition is the Heart of the Soul

heartt of rhe soulMaking choices when we are not in harmony with the energy of our soul can sometimes lead to experiences that bring more sadness rather than joy, more frustration rather than satisfaction, and more worry rather than serenity.  Our intuition is divinely designed to guide us day to day throughout life. When we do not follow this natural inner guidance system we can be led astray by circumstances, people and events that may not feel so good. Of course, life will graciously teach us through a variety of  lessons, such as: hearts being broken, opportunities being lost, and friendships ending.

Could all of these experiences be blessings in disguise?

When we are innocently believing in limitations we are led down a road of “getting in our own way” and blocking the goodness we all possess. Our conditioning patterns and belief systems impact our choices, and when they are less than aligned with our wisdom we can be detoured off our path of contentment.  Intuition helps us to remember that the very fabric of our greatness is already inherent within our natural state of being.

Everyone carries their own set of morals and values that lead them with the words they say, the actions they take and the behaviors they display. Wouldn’t  it be great if everyone could stand in their integrity? But, that is not always the case, I have seen first-hand not only through my own experiences, but through friends and family who have felt the pain of being taken advantage of by another person especially when they did not listen to their intuition.

Over my many years as the therapist, I have witnessed this constant observation : People who hurt, hurt others, people who have been lied to- will lie to others, and people who have been judged will judge others, it can be a vicious cycle, but when we stand up to what we know feels right in our hearts and listen to our gut instincts we remain free of being victim to sabotaging an unhealthy relationships.

Understand, everyone is bringing forth their best and how that shows up is different from person to person- I speak for myself here,  it has take me many lifetimes to really develop a self-love that is constant unwavering of my inner truth. Being patient and gently with yourself throughout the process is so very important and when the timing is right your greatest love of self will effortlessly show up and, life as you know it will never be the same.

The good news is- when we allow ourselves to experience life on life’s terms we grow and expand our awareness to a much deeper and more fulfilling relationship with our inner self. Could it be that the universe is setting us up for the most amazing relationship? But, in order to experience this amazing shift,  we have to be true and honest with ourselves first? I would say “ABSOLUTELY YES!”  As we continue on the path of opening our hearts to embrace more awareness of who we are, we can better pave the way for the gracious unfolding of our completeness with dignity, unconditional love, peace, joy, etc…

I can assure you, you will get where you need be when you are ready…as it is all part of the process in unveiling the souls destiny….

Life demonstrates various rhythm and cycles, and relationships aren’t any different. So why not be as prepared as you can to embrace the beauty and newness of a special person in your life. Nothing is guaranteed to work out perfectly so go with the ebb and flow of human interaction knowing that this is one of our biggest adventures in assisting humanity to truly evolve and expand into our most illuminated awakening.

I truly believe in you!  Please know that the the world is waiting for your offerings- so wouldn’t now be a good time to love, honor and respect yourself? Bring your amazing greatness full circle for all to see! And in doing so, remember that we must create a great relationship with ourselves first, then and only then, can all of our other relationships be a reflection of this…

All for love,



splinterAs I quietly sat in my office a word entered my mind-Splinter.  I know it odd but I always listen to what is inside the deeper meaning of things so I looked up the definition which said, it was: a break or cause to break into small sharp fragments.                     I wonder,  can we feel splinters at various times in our lives having demonstrating a personality broken off from the real truth of who we are?…Could we be living just as an identity not fully realizing and aligning with our complete wisdom…, certainly something to ponder…

In our life many of our experiences have lead us to believe;  we are less than amazing, we are broken somehow and we need to be fixed.  I know I do not speak for myself here so let’s dive further.

When we choose the spiritual path-the path of “awakening” we could have all of these so called “splinters” and we seem to always be clearing negative energies, letting go, and maybe even taking classes and more classes, sometimes to points of exhaustion. I can tell you I have been there and there is a point that you say it is time for me to lead others with the wisdom I have unfolded. Are we always embracing more, more of who we think we are in absence of who we really are?

The truth is we are always learning, it never ends because we are continually in the becoming of more, the revealing our light/love as we make a choice to participate with humanity and serve our soul’s beautiful mission.

So much happens over our many lifetimes when our soul encounters a conglomeration of experiences across all of time space dimensions. It makes perfect sense that we can pick up an infinite number of energies that can open our heart and close our heart.  The read can be quite difficult for many of us, but know their a light at the end of the tunnel. My dear ones nothing is happenstance and it all following a delicate divine design of perfection.

So whats’s next?

I only speak for myself here, but I jump in full throttle, I participate with life and all of its offerings. Since everything is meant to help us unfold our completeness, why not be a fully engaged 100%. The opening of you heart requires no less, only more, much more.

For me, it’s a brave warrior mindset….

Standing in you dignity can be a most complicated of journeys and requires a willingness to fully be what you are meant to be in each and every moment.  We are not here to play small in any way, though if that is a choice by some it is not wrong and life will gladly accommodate any limitations, as the lessons will graciously present themselves for the soul’s unfolding. But if it is your choice to be fully aware/conscious in the earth school, then your journey will always reflect experiences that may challenge you to step into courage, many times,  way out of our comfort zone aimed on a trajectory a success beyond your wildest imagination.

For me that is the only way….

The question then becomes: “What “Splinters” have you encountered causing you to feel separate from your amazing unique expression as love and light of divinity?´ Then, the next questions would be “what intuitively guided action steps are you willing to take to open a wound and maybe even embrace the emotional pain?  How committed are you to being your best and then be a beacon of light for others?  These are big bold questions, how will you respond?

Ah… then this becomes your spiritual homework, your life expedition, and your most holy experience. It is not for the faint of heart but sweetly offered to the ones who feel inspired, excited and ignited by their soul’s boldest portrayal.

The splinters of your life journey may be few or may be many-but whatever holds to be true for you- offers complete satisfaction and fulfillment when you leap into experiences with your eyes open and your heart centered in Love and only Love.



Spiritual Resiliency




Being most curious as I am- I had to ask myself this question, and I don’t really know if I got all the answers nevertheless I’m going to share my thoughts.

What is it be Spiritual Resilient?

It seems that one definition can’t capture all. I have come to understand that we bring resiliency forth in our lives every day and most people aren’t aware of how capable and strong they really are….

So, let’s get back to the question what is Spiritual Resiliency?
Is Spiritual Resiliency the ability to withstand adversity and challenges which can be the deepest and darkest demons helping to dismantle our emotional pain piece by piece as if there is nothing left but emptiness?


Is Spiritual Resiliency the complete display of understanding and compassion when things happen that seem to have no explanation, or at least not something you readily understand while in the in midst of the experience?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about forgiveness not only of yourself but of all the people, circumstances, and events that seemed to have diminished your self-esteem and your sense inner of safety/security?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about saying no to others when it’s high time you say yes to yourself – because you need to some well-deserved time off to replenish, refresh and rejuvenate?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about standing up for the values you believe in and making that a demonstration of how you choose to be in all aspects of your life?


Is Spiritual Resiliency about lighting the Fire Within through connecting with your deepest self, and allowing that gentle voice to unfold the creativity and beauty of your natural inheritance.


Is Spiritual Resiliency about looking in the mirror and saying I love you, you’re beautiful just as you are- no matter how you look, and no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done in your life thus far?


Is spiritual resiliency about knowing that people are going to do things that can be hurtful and downright mean. So do we make it about us and take it personally? Or do we step into our wisdom and realize that it is never about us, but the pain from coming out from their healing journey.


Is Spiritual Resiliency about something as simple as showing up for your child’s concert, or sporting event while you’re freezing your butt off outside in the Blustery winter -showing up because you know how much it means to your child even if they don’t say anything they feel it in their heart through remembering that you were there to support and nourish them in whatever they did.
The key point here is that:  Spiritual Resiliency is in everything we do, it cannot be isolated to one specific circumstance, event, or person for it is the very fabric woven into the tapestry of life itself.

Remember, it is never our experiences and circumstances that define us, it is how we choose to experience at all. That is where the real power emanates from, the authenticity of our natural carefree and light-hearted existence of being the observer in the play of life.  So how do you show in life? What are the choices your making, because they clearly are reflected in you every day experiences. It is so important to embrace each and every blessing bestowed on us from this Grand universe with open arms and heart -centered consciousness knowing we are all unique expressions of love and light with awareness  always ready to unfold yet another piece of our greatness.