Follow the Breadcrumbs…

Things in life are on an “as we need to know” basis. Life does not come with the book of directions although sometimes that  seems quite appealing.
Every bread crumb  that we are given is one more step in the direction of expanding into a higher level of awareness.
Our path may lead to us to have many questions about why things happened in the past and what’s going to happen in the future. Although this can be most compelling, wisdom reveals that if we stay stuck in these ongoing patterns, we are innocently losing sight of the precious “present moment” right on front of us.

The divine design of each experience brings forth exactly what we need to know at the perfect time when we need to know, not a moment sooner or a moment later…If what we wanted showed up earlier or later we would not be completely able to receive it at our most opportune time. 

Understandably, disheartening setbacks, disappointments and dreams that fail to materialize on our timeline are all an inevitable part of human existence. That why is most important to remember that our journey is perfectly & purposely orchestrated in a way to help us handle whatever lies before us  (in the present moment) with grace and ease.

I wonder could we could just give up the need to control this and surrender to our inner wisdom. The thought of this may frighten many of us, and we may not feel safe, so we try to control a perfection that is already laid out and in doing so, we sometimes become our worst enemy.
By simply following the natural order of the present moment our life can move along much smoother because we begin to realize we are quite safe exactly where we are. This means we have to completely trust the process, let go of the fear and step into courage which by the way, is our natural state of being.

We are given the gift of time to listen to the quiet voice of our intuition and then move forward with conscious intention. It really means letting go of the reins of how we think all should go and just surrender the fact that a higher power has our best interest at heart. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t take part in the co- creative process, our free will allows us to respond with dignity and make choices to stand forth in our highest integrity, value and ethics.

I have come to believe when we trust in the process, we allow ourselves to let go of what we think we know. The mind is limited since it only basis relies on its on what it has experienced, where as our higher self/spirit/God Is unlimited and can see all outcomes. Wisdom always trumps all mind experiences with the highest level of soul maturity.

Although each bread crumb we are gifted with may seem to be slowly materializing, it is steady, and, when we maintain our patience and let faith lead the way -victory is the Inevitable outcome!


***Friends, I am sending blessing of well-being for every one as we navigate through this pandemic United in Love…

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