The Universe Has a Plan

20200515_152513I spend many hours mindfully and intentionally going within my heart, and today provided to be no different. As I was quietly contemplating life sitting in my comfortable lounge chair, I faced towards the rock wall that decorated my beautiful back yard. So many rock formations of all shapes and sizes; some are really very large and some are tiny. Even the smallest of stones are intermixed under the largest of rocks which I found to be quite interesting. Could these little stones be part of the whole support system in the rock wall? The flawlessness of nature always amazes me. It Synchronizes everything in the most perfect spot, cohesively and with such simplicity, beauty and uniqueness. Up to this point in time I haven’t noticed the beauty of this structure, even though I have spent countless times in my backyard. Today felt different, it was as if revelations of truth aspired to be revealed. My thought process just decided to halt and venture into the stillness of the moment. This is where our intuition, mystery and spark of creativity arises and I was right there receiving it with open arms.

Metaphorically speaking, we are all unique individual expressions of a grand whole. and, every part we play in our life experience provides a tremendous puzzle piece to a greater and grander picture. Although many times we question things, I have come to believe that nothing is out of place-all is perfectly integrated into the life we are meant to have in fulfilling our highest potential. That include the joys, adversities and everything in between. As we align with our deepest stillness we can access our truth of integrity, ethics and value, realizing that this inner perfection is always at work on our behalf -even if we can’t see it, feel it, taste it, or touch it.

Just as each rock is significant, and meant to be in its specific place human beings are the same.  When we embody this, we begin to open the doors of knowing our tremendous value. Every circumstance, event and relationship that touches us is meant to help mold and shape us into realizing the truth of who we are. Nothing is by accident; it is the Eternal dance with the ebb and flow of our intricate journey.

The foundation of our choices helps to create our reality.  It is important to ask ourselves this question, Are the Choices I am making aligning with the value I want to demonstrate or am we settling for less?  May I suggest we all take a deep dive at how we are choosing to live our life … Do our choices align with foundation of our heart centered nature?  If so, that is wonderful keep shining; And, if not consider reevaluating your mindset because you will eventually realize that your choices are a demonstration of who you are, and how you choose to show up in this world. Let your Intuition gently guide you, as there’s no turning back- only a facing forward towards your grandest destiny.

The Universe has a plan and by being your best self you will witness the strength and resiliency that lies within you and rise above whatever life brings forth.



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