21 Great Ways to feel more Relaxed, Peaceful and Connected to Yourself


1-Take a walk in the park

2-Sit next to a tree and maybe even consider hugging it

3-Listen to calming music that connects with heart

4-Practice some mindful yoga

5-Watch a funny movie laughter is a great way to lighten everything

6-Journal your feelings, an consider practice active writing.

7-Close/Open your eyes and practice some deep breathing For a few minutes, especially when feeling fearful and overwhelmed.

8- Spend time in nature, maybe even in a garden by beautiful flowering plants…

9- Consider calling some friends come and loved ones and have some conversation so you can still feel connected, nourished and loved

10- Meditate or  pray as a way to connect with the deeper essence of who you are

11-Soak in a warm deep tub to relax all your muscles and your mind

12- Go Jogging or Running

13- So something creative such as: painting, drawing, singing, or dancing-be your fun-loving self

14- Read a good book

15- Exercise, Stretch and practice mindful rhythmic movements                                                                                                                                                                        16-Unplug from emails, TV, and other computer activities-escape from the world if only for 15 minutes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                17- Plan, prepare and put together a delicious new recipe for yourself. Dabble with new spices and other ways of cooking, experiment and be creative

18- Use your imagination for a short visualization-imagine your favorite place- maybe laying on the beach basking in the beautiful sunshine. Choose your favorite destination.

19- Make Love

20-Have a yummy snack that will fill you up- maybe a handful of nuts or avocado.

21-Buy yourself some beautiful flowers, maybe some roses or a favorite houseplant. Beside being a wonderful air purifier studies show they actually help you to calm down.

***All of us can relax and feel peaceful remember it all starts within us- do not look outside for peace as the external world can be very crazy at times. You are most capable of feeling peaceful despite outside circumstances, it all begins on how you feel on the inside.








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