Fill in the Blank

blank fill in

While working in the health field for so many years, I had the luxury of spending time listening to many people including my friends and family. I observed one belief that was so prevalent back then and still exists today in many conversations. The belief was, “I’ll be happy when _____.”                                                                                                                           Consider filling in the blank for yourself. Is it that job?  That perfect relationship? Or maybe even winning the lottery. The answers are diverse and stretch across all corners of the imagination. Innocently, many of us including myself filled in this blank. Our thoughts patterns, experiences and conditioning seem to tell us that this could be the magic pill.  The answer to all of our dreams.  You may want to re-think this…

I find that conditioning from our culture and media support unrealistic expectations that we can’t be happy unless we have something in our midst. Think about it-we are consistently inundated with messages that health, happiness, joy, and lifelong fulfillment are all attained by something outside of us.  If you watch network television it is very obvious to see that more than 90% of the commercials are driven by pharmaceutical companies, telling us we need this or that to remain healthy. We are in need of cream to erase wrinkles or we will look old. And, probably one of the biggest fear-driven patterns is that” the more you age the more your body will break down” -with two centenarians, (people of age 100 or more) in my family those words don’t hold water… This are simply marketing ploys to keep people in fear-based thinking patterns. And, sadly many of these fear tactics are working.

I wonder when will we all realize that this insanity has to come to an end? How much more do we need to cycle in suffering and emotional pain from misunderstandings about life and about who we are; and most importantly why we are here during a most revolutionary time of Earth’s significant shift of consciousness.

Be aware that your life will play out from your beliefs and deeply ingrained patters of conditioning , so its time to dive and dive deep as you why you believe the way you do.  Ask yourself this question “Is the way I believe serving me or hindering my ability to move forward towards my deepest dreams and desires? If wonderful.  If not, it is time for contemplation and action to make healthier changes in your mindset that inspire, ignite and excite you! Let go of things that weigh you down and embrace your wisdom/intuition that makes you soar…

My heart believes things are definitely shifting and will continue to shift as people readily embrace the truth of their authentic being. People are now beginning to understand that nothing outside of us can make us feel a certain way, and if it does, it’s just temporary, it’s not a sustainable motivator– Love, Joy, and Inner Peace are sustainable.  If you fill in the blank with something that’s temporary you are setting yourself up for disappointment, sadness and confusion among other things.

Of course we will learn from the decisions we make and things will play out for your evolutionary growth and expansion. Life can be very tricky and throw us a lot of curve balls, but when we are aware/conscious we can stand back and look at things from a much broader perspective. As John Holland so eloquently stated “Intuition is the Compass of the Soul.”  The truth of that goes beyond explanation. Listen to your gut instincts not the fear-based mindset that this outside world is reflecting to us, the answers lie within each and every one of us.

Our entire culture is undermining the voice of the soul, if you truly want to live a most fulfilling life in alignment with your highest destiny it is time to courageously start taking your power back and listening to your inner voice.

This is not about pointing the finger and saying we don’t know what we are doing, it is about standing in our power by co-creating a life that is representative of our amazing benevolent nature.  We have to connect with the higher power that exists within us, friends…the wisdom has always been available to us…”seek and ye shall find.”

Spend quiet time with yourself, breathe and listen… there is a quiet voice that wants your attention, it has always been there guiding you whether you are aware of it or not. Don’t fill in the blank because you fear something will happen or not happen if you don’t get what you want, that just leaves you in a cycle of craziness.  Instead, might I suggest embrace the amazing you…

I have faith you can do this, and you will…… when you are ready…


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