Sweet Surrender


These words hold a tremendous amount of wisdom when you truly understand them and apply them in your life.  At age 60 I can say I finally I get it, maybe not everything, but certainly enough to guide to me on the trajectory of my souls’ highest destiny.
It’s not like a picnic in the park, or a constant gentle breeze of the wind.  Although I will say this wonderful serenity occurs from to time. However, this was not an ongoing experience for me. My past 60 years have been more like a roller-coaster with tremendous highs and lows, a never-ending thrill ride that leaves me picking up the pieces of my heart then gently putting them back together with the love and light that I’ve always been, but was unable to fathom most of the time.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Sometimes you think you’ve got it all together- it all lines up so perfectly then with one incident- one person, or one action, the proverbial straw now breaks the camel’s back and you have to start all over again. After disheartening patterns kept repeating themselves in my life, I finally realized it was high time to change my perspective, delve into new perceptions with an open heart, and connect with forgiveness beyond any reason. This sense of peace helped to lead me to the road of surrender.

I love alignment, its a reflection of the harmony within us while allowing a state of surrender. Did you know that this is our natural God given state of being? Nobody tells you this, your journey leads you to this unrelenting wisdom. Our “Sweet” Surrender does not need to control anything. We are simply giving way to a higher power and only stepping in when intuition guides us to do so. And, as a co-creator of our reality it our responsibility and conscious awareness to realize the truth of who we are. Then take the necessary steps to follow a unconditional path of love.

Do you realize how much happier, balanced, joyful and peaceful your life could be when you live from a state of surrender?  The universe (God) has our best interest at heart so why would we even doubt it?  Your external circumstances can give you a million reasons, BUT no good reason. Listen to your intuition the voice that know you and you deepest desires.  I can only tell you from experience and a variety of others conscious people I know utilize this healthy, optimistic mindset and it brings relaxation and a lighthearted, carefree, way of living. I believe everyone’s life can benefit when we allow and surrender for life to unfold its blessings.  Whether these blessings feel good or not it all holds gifts of opportunity for us to grow.  You are a conscious creator of your reality so jump it, allow and breath through every experience.

Observe or Absorb

This is where I want you to pay particular attention. When you understand and embody the fact that you are a being of light having a physical experience you can then “observe” what is happening rather than “absorb” all of the negativity and lower energies on this highly dense planet.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage, and perseverance to hold this light all the time, but when you do, all aspect of your life will shift for the better. We are all worthy and deserving of the best that life has to offer, so why do we ever settle for less? We are absorbing energies of misperceptions an misunderstandings about who we are…

Next is a process one of many which I use whenever life brings forth difficult feelings and/or circumstances.
Wish I could take credit for this but it goes to Dear Dr. Kim DE’ramo as she was instrumental in this process. Thank you for helping to change my life for the better. For that I remain eternally grateful.

1) Center yourself by taking 5 to 10 deep breaths eyes closed…

2) Whenever I’m going through dark times I get my pad and paper write down exactly how I feel and the energy that I’m feeling in my body – For example I feel frustration, guilt, anger hatred etc.. in this moment.

3) Then I remind yourself “I am a being of light and the emotions that are flowing through me are not mine (the are from the density on the planet) and I am letting them go so I am free of the pain.”

Friends you HAVE to give all these emotions a voice so the energy can flow through you. And you have to breathe throughout the whole process

The next important set step is to remind yourself the important words. “I am expanding and allowing the light to flow through me to embody the wholeness and completeness that I am and have always been.

*Watch the magic as you feel lighter by allowing these negative energies to be transformed/transmuted.

I can tell you this technique works flawlessly when you follow it with intention.

In essence, you are not allowing yourself to absorb the energy and take on all of the sadness frustration, crying disappointment, etc. You are truly just giving the deepest emotions acknowledgement to be heard and to flow freely out of your energetic field, so that you can feel much better.

Now I may not know all of the details of how this miraculous technique works, I just know it does. So just as Dr, Kim passed it on to me, I am passing it on to you with much unconditional love and respect for you and your journey.



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