“I Matter”

i stock

Do I matter because I?               (you can fill in the blanks for yourself)

-Survived many years of bullying throughout my adolescence and into college?

-Got married, and brought three beautiful children into the world?

-Made a decision not to be disrespected any more in a 29 year old marriage and moved  on as an act of self -love, self- respect, and tremendous courage?

-Went to college and graduated with a degree?

-Once had a lucrative career as a therapist?

-Survived a very dysfunctional childhood and family life?

-Survived sexual abuse and emotional abuse?

-Move away from the only home I knew- to believe and realize in a vision much bigger than myself was ready to be birthed?

-Wrote 4 published books about spiritual awakening?

-Bought a new car?

-Bought a new home?

-Am an intuitive, psychic being?

-Have more material things than others?

-Am taller, smarter, compassionate, and generous?

-Have fewer material things than others?

-Have more or less friends?

-Make a lot of money?

–Don’t make a lot of money?

My friends you get the message, here right? All of these things are temporary, yes, they are your experiences and deserve your attention, understanding, compassion and acknowledgement, but they are NOT who you are by any means, just a small glimpse of your human journey.

Can we wrap our heads around the fact that we are not our experiences?  We are the experiencer, of them. Please, I do not want to diminish them in any way, I am just bringing forth our eternal wisdom reminding us that all of these experiences are temporary, they are “our” present life reality.

Did you know that…

Our lives is so richly laid out with a unique divine plan helping us to embrace hardships that spark and initiate us to remember what we’ve forgotten and are now here again to remember and fully realize. Things such as: self- love, forgiveness, empathy, self-respect, honesty, generosity, serenity/calmness, frustration, despair, unity consciousness, humility, low self-esteem, joy, wholeness/completeness, etc.

When we are embodying all these truths, everything changes. Our perspectives, Our behaviors, Our actions and Our words; in other words, Our Whole Beingness comes to life in the fullness of our soul’s highest destiny.  Sometimes this takes a lifetime or lifetimes to integrate and embody the essence of who we are.  It is a process of “remembering” that our soul has agreed upon so very long with a commitment and willingness to come down on this earth plane in love of ourselves and humanity. We are all so very courageous.

Our life journey is all about remembering the wisdom that is our natural state of being.  Our life lessons are diverse and filled with so many emotions.  And, as challenges arise, they are always here to help us strengthen any weaknesses and uncover what is hiding and/or being suppressed in the shadows of untruth, and misunderstanding. This is so pure and simple when we see it through the eyes of our higher self/awareness.

It time to realize…

You matter just because you are you. That’s it, no long speech, not explanation of why, why why? A very simple pure truth.  Just by your existence YOU MATTER. No one can do what you do the way you do it.  We are a unique expression of the divine, how amazing is that!

Oh, and I might add, this is not by coincidence or happenstance, we are intentionally on this planet at this time, in this space and dimension of our earth’s deepest awakening with absolute divine purpose.  

                       “Thank you for being you and doing what you do”

All for Love….





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