Drawing my lines in the Sand


Drawing my lines in the Sand (my own personal experience) 

I have come believe that throughout much of my life I have drawn lines in the sand.  Lines of doubt, crippling fear, confusion, agony, imprisonment, lack, suffering, regret, frustration and more.  I had to ask myself why, why on earth would this happen to a little kid, why me?  So full of innocence, love, imagination so carefree and pure, ready to embark on this new adventure called life. Did I have blinders on? Or was my vision impaired in some way, a way that eluded me for so very many years.

I found out that trauma, shame, guilt and anything else that robs us of our inner peace sabotages us from aligning with our true nature. These false beliefs and so-called limitations that we have innocently bought into for some reason or another begin to diminish our human spirit piece by piece.  This can happen for many people- but the very good new is…things can absolutely change for the better.

Believing with unwavering faith, trust and a knowing that a much bigger force of love is at work here helped me to breathe easier.  It has taken me much strength and resiliency to embrace a difficult journey and rise above all the challenges to now hold my head up high  with a big smile on my face. If I can do it, so can you, just by putting one foot in front of another each and every day.

At an important age of 47, a very pivotal point in my life, I every so gently took back  my control of living unconsciously for so many years.  I began stepping into my power and making a commitment and promise to take the time and unwavering determination to make big shifts and small shifts, whatever it took to make sense from the whole picture that was playing for 47 years. It was one tissue at a time, one journal entry at a time in my 10+ books and connecting with spirituality in ways I could have never imagined. In addition I began stepping into service of giving and that really has helped to turn my around as to what important and where to focus my time and precious energy.

The other side of the line….

is happiness, joy, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, love, abundance, nourishment, support etc. I speak for myself here, but now I very clearly understand and know that my emotional pain, and trauma were a necessary part of my unraveling to the understanding of who I am why I am here. My adversity had to open up the inner child…. you know….the child in ALL of us who sometimes screams out for attention and acknowledgement wanting to be honored and loved. She wanted to hear the words “it all going to be ok I am here for you no matter what.” I’ve got you back and we are in this together” For the first time in my there seemed to be a voice and I could hear it!!! Who is that talking to me?  It was the quiet assured voice of my higher self (source, higher consciousness, God, wisdom, there are many names for this powerful force of LOVE) and it was clear, peaceful, and most loving. This voice of intuition/guidance is there for everyone.  But, we have to take the time to connect with the voice of love-and when when we do our life changes dramatically for the better. (I have discussed this in past blogs, so feel free to find out some ways you can connect with your true essence).

Everyone spiritual awakening does not need to have tumultuous circumstances as I did, as your journey is most uniquely designed with the perfection of your soul’s agenda and evolution expansion.  My hope is that you always bask in the journey of mystery  and wonder opening yourself to the truth of your beauty and creativity by living your completeness with intention, purpose and passion….and course Love…. always Love…

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