On this masterful journey we call life, we have some bumps in the road which throw us off the path of our dreams and desires. Maybe these bumps are just gentle course corrections to bring us back to focus where we need to be…  Sometimes course Corrections don’t feel so gentle, in fact they feel like atomic bomb went off to blow us completely in the other direction. I’ve had this happen a number of times and it not fun by any means. This adversity is here-it shows up to kick us in our butts and says go this way instead of that way. I remember getting so upset all the time about all these changes, but after many years of experience and failures I have come to realize it’s all very necessary to bring us back to where we are meant to be. There’s so many distractions that can easily allure us in other directions- life can throw curve balls and it’s up to us to do our best to get back on track being in vibrational alignment with our passions dreams and visions.

I know there are definitely times when we feel like throwing in the towel especially when we don’t see evidence of all the hard work we put forth, but I also know & now realize this masterful universe easily and effortlessly works behind the scenes on our behalf. arranging and organizing all of the cooperating components to line up and bring forth the manifestations that we so desire at the RIGHT TIME, SPACE,  AN SEQUECE WHEN WE ARE READY AND ABLE TO BE OUR BEST And not a moment sooner or later. The timeline is not determined by us….but it is always in our best interest.

Cultivating trust, patience, and faith with an unwavering belief in the universal process proves to be the ideal recipe for materialisation of our deepest passion dreams and desires to come forth. Unconsciously this process can significantly slow down when we get in our own way by not believing in ourselves, being stuck in negative ways of thinking and lacking the optimism and determination to hold steady on the course.

There is absolutely no blame here – we are in the human bodies to rise above stuff that blocks us and keeps us imprisoned with a variety of illusions that really are only here to help us by always showing us lessons to learn from and grow our souls expansion.

Please read the last line because if we can just remember these important words we can make tremendous life shifts and transform in miraculous ways.

Let’s look at the example with the illusion of insufficiency. Do we really lack anything?  Or is it just a program, a belief that has been instilled in us from the outside world. Have you looked around and noticed the world around us- at the trees, the grass, the sky, the clouds, the air we breathe, the buildings, the ground we walk on etc… We are literally immersed in abundance. I could go on and on with a long list. So what makes us think we lacking anything?

It’s all of the things we have bought into about ourselves and our world that keeps the “poverty mindset” cycle in place. It is only when we dismantle and reveal all the distractions, confusions and an disempowering beliefs can we even begin to open our eyes and see the truth of our being. When we think and believe we live a life lacking in any way it is then reflected for us in our day-to-day life experiences.  Remember the words we have heard many times. Our thoughts create our reality. Of course it goes much deeper than that, but this is the basic premise, and it is true.

As a benevolent child of this Grand Creative Universe we are born prosperous, are now prosperous and have always been prosperous. So what’s it going to take for us to believe this Beyond a Shadow of Doubt? What is the key to the truth our being?

One of the grandest keys is that all of the resources, truths words of wisdom that already lie within us. Looking to the external world for the answers will only lead you in a vicious cycle… kind of like the curveball I was previously discussing. If you want the truth of who you are to come forth and then give yourself the gift of time to look within for the answers- use stillness, meditation, yoga, journaling, etc. All are are beneficial to help us connect with the essence of our being then, truly  LIVE BY THIS WISDOM… That is when your world we’ll open up, your life will turn around for the better allowing you now live your hearts true fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

And,  when live throws you a curveball be ready to catch it, and gracefully run in the directions that leads you to your deepest wisdom…:)

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