Thinking out LOUD

out loud

We are not our body we merely live in it, we are not our mind it is here to help us to think, create and imagine, and we are not our name, it is simply something we have… All of these are to be used while on this earthly plane. They are vehicles meant to help us navigate through life. In fact, I see them all as gifts from our creator, here to be cherished, respected and adored. Do you realize that you are by far the highest form of creation?  Think about that for a minute, it can really blow you mind when you fully realize this truth. This is why we are simply no less than magnificent.

After my many years as a therapist, author, spiritual teacher and healer my journey has led me to realize the body is DIVINITY (God, Love, source, divine intelligence) in another form, just like animals, the sun, the moon, ocean, sea creatures, the cosmos etc…Divinity is here to teach us to embrace our beauty through the grace of living to our fullest potential in the dramatic dance of giving and receiving love.

It is interesting…..

That whatever we feed our minds and bodies then shows up on the screen of our life. So wouldn’t it be in our best interest to feed our gentle being with good things, kindness, love, patience, compassion, empathy, etc.  The culmination of our beliefs and permeating thoughts determine how we choose to perceive and live our lives.  Healthy Wise choices with food, television, radio, music, entertainment, relationships, dramatically impact our life, not to mention how much we exposure ourselves to violence on television, such as constantly watching the news- ok once in a while,  but not to the point of inundating our minds.,  Whatever we expose ourselves to has an effect on our life experience.

If we want to change our lives for the better it is up to us to take responsibility with where we choose to focus our attention and power of the mind. “Energy flows where attention goes,” these are wise words we have all heard for many years, and when we truly embody them we can be much happier, joyful and loving.  WE CREATE the very environment for OUR life’s fulfillment. Give yourself a gift by taking the time to investigate and be curious about all of this, as we have a world of knowledge at our very fingertips.

Let’s take a review of our life, are we happy? Do we know what happiness really is? And most importantly, do we feel fulfilled in ALL aspects of our life? If we answered yes to those questions fabulous!

IF we responded with a no let’s take a journey and unfold what really going on while keeping the intention to make changes for the better. This is opportunity to look at what beliefs and perceptions we hold that are continuing to create the same outcomes, that my friends are the golden nuggets to make an enormous change and wonderful shift.  Let’s invite the opportunity to embrace positive change. Remember, it will require us to do the inner personal work to open the doors of transformation.

Write, read, study and gather information about who you think you are and what blocs or misunderstandings are holding you back from living a happy healthy state of being. I would recommend starting with these specific areas:






IF you can’t say I feel fulfilled in all of these areas in my life then it time to go to work unraveling the core of your belief systems this,  I can tell you from years of experience after living in a state of disharmony much of my life.


My thoughts the gift of the body…

   As far as the body goes I have grown a tremendous respect with an unwavering commitment to myself and others to honor this sacred vessel (our body) with gentleness and kindness, and a precious understanding that self-love is the foundation for healthy well-balanced lifestyles.

But…for some people the inner pain and emotional wounds from childhood, other family dysfunction, neglect, abuse, mental illness,, etc. goes so deep that may be hard to peel the layers of these painful experiences.  Many Inner wounds sometimes remain repressed within the energetic system of a human being; and this unfortunate seeds of darkness can show up as violence  that we witness in world with hate, dishonor, shame, disillusionment, confusion, greed, lack of trust and faith, and much more.

Excessive Alcohol drugs, unhealthy food choices, tremendous physical exertion, smoking and forms of neglect etc… diminish our ability to maintain a healthy balance in ALL aspects of our life.  Some people may abuse, damage, distort and hurt the very gift given to them. (Our amazing complex and miraculous body).

Please understand, there is no blame, shame for criticism here, just an awareness of our experiences- I hope this words can be of help to open our eyes to learning news ways of thinking and being.

There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel….

I don’t have claim to have all the answers and can only recommend some of the things that have helped the many people I have worked with…

Developing Healthy coping strategies may offer a way to come to terms with life and all of its conflicts, traumas and daily stressors. Strategies such as: exercise, therapy, yoga, meditation, stillness, journaling, music & movement, e.g. (Dancing, singing) mindfulness, nature of all sorts, walking, giving by helping help others in need, inviting humor, educating ourselves on spirituality, in addition to cultivating a faith and trust in ourselves and the universe we live in… It takes time, patience and a willingness to want better things for ourselves.

Be gentle with yourself, be kind to you beautiful self and as you peel the layers apart you will see the light of truth in who you really are and share that truth with everyone else you touch.

Another thought….

Do you realize how your body beats for you effortlessly on your behalf and expects nothing in return-just to be loved, appreciated and accepted as it is…your body works tirelessly as a miraculous complex amazing vessel of extraordinary measure.

Just a tidbit of information here…

The US National Library of Medicine notes that: Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The human body is composed of 37.2 trillion cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. Cells also contain the body’s hereditary material and can make copies of themselves. Isn’t this Amazing?

Never, I repeat never take this for granted and your body will be a demonstration of how you mind thinks and believes in loving, appreciating and honoring this generous gift.

**May you be blessed with a healthy radiant mental and physical well-being**

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