Plastic Divider Stick


plastic divider stick

        Every now and then I like to inject a little bit of levity into some of my blogs and into our evolutionary process, after all God certainly has a sense of humor, so why shouldn’t we?

 The plastic stick divider in the market…..

My understanding is that the Plastic Divider Stick” in the supermarket is primarily used for separating each person’s specific groceries,  seems logical or maybe not?  Trust me after you read this you’ll never see the divider stick the same way again.  🙂

Based on my many trips to the supermarket I have come to these observations as to uses of the Plastic divider stick:

1-It could be used as a pointing device to let the cashier know that this particular sack of potatoes is yours and not the unhappy person behind you. (as I observe this today I begin to chuckle to myself)

2- It could be used unfortunately as “hand tapping” tool, as I noticed one mother gently tap her son’s hand who was reaching for the candy next to the register,,” no- no dear that’ll give you cavities, have a chia seed bar instead” hum, ..Not quite as comforting as dark chocolate with peanut butter, which would be my choice in the moment- but being a health-conscious mom, this behavior is most commendable!

3- The divider stick could be used as a reaching device, kind of like the grabber I have at home when I can’t reach for the cans on the upper shelf- my handy-dandy Grabber is available. Today our illusive divider stick helped a man to reach the cans waiting on the counter that didn’t make it to the conveyor belt. Most novel, and resourceful.

4- Probably not one of the best uses, it could be a toy for the little baby who had nothing to do and began crying, so the mother gave her son this distraction to keep him busy.  This was a course was temporary fix,  because when he began sucking on the germ ridden stick she promptly took it from her son and put it back on the conveyor belt.
(I couldn’t help but step in, and ask the cashier to wipe that down with her disinfecting cloth- as that seems to be the right thing to do for other prospective customers).

5- The plastic divider could be invite sharing from one cashier to another, especially when some cashiers have 10 plastic divider sticks and other check- out lines have none.  How does this actually happen?  Plastic sticks don’t have legs, maybe we should blame it on the cleaning help as they are disinfecting each stick they probably forget to put them all back. Probably not….At the end of the day it’s always wonderful to share with another and pay forward our abundance in life.

I am sure if you think about, we can find many uses other than what things are intended to be for.. But that my friend is another blog… 

Keep smiling and see the humor in life, because it there, you just have to open your eyes to  it and laugh…it will lighten your heart and make way for more aspects of your being to relax, kick back and enjoy…



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