Have you ever been blind- sided?

upside down

Most recently this was my experience. It is not fun, in fact it felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath my feet.  You think you understand people based on their actions, behaviors and words, but then you see a VERY different side of them that literally turns you upside down.  I had to ask myself, where the hell did that come from?  Life is a constant barrage of ups and downs filled with many conflicts and well as beautiful, joyful experiences. I wonder, how we can ever be prepared to handle each experience, each relationship, and every occurrence while remaining sane, centered, and not wallowing in guilt, self- pity and blame when things don’t work out according to our plan or timeline.

I believe this question can be answered in a number of ways, but one that comes to mind is to commit to yourself to have NO attachments to anything.

Let me explain; when we attach our emotions/feelings to something or someone we unconsciously look for certain expectations and specific outcomes.  I don’t know the future do you? When we put conditions on anything in life- I have found – is a time bomb waiting to explode essentially.

Certainly things can work out with a happy ending, but, what happens when you don’t get the job, don’t have the relationship you thought you did, or don’t make the sports team?  We can set ourselves up for a major disappointment- and that doesn’t feel very good. There is nothing wrong with wanting everything to work out wonderfully, but please let’s not put all our eggs in the basket- as we do not know the future for ourselves and anything else.

Keeping the mindset that all will work out, IF IT IS MEANT TO demonstrates a realistic & optimistic way of being. Plus, we can really save ourselves a lot of aggravation, sadness, heartache, especially when things don’t work out the way we want them too. Living an unconditional life essentially helps us to live happier and healthier. Truly, life is complex enough, wouldn’t you agree?

Time and time again I watch so many people suffer with their own conditional thinking patterns.  It can be a cycle that can go on and on with no resolve unless we invite the possibility of being willing to shift our beliefs and thoughts. It is always in our best interest to hope for the best, show up and stay in our integrity throughout all of our experiences.  After all, that is our natural state of being so effortless and easy when we allow it to be…the choice is up to us with how we want to experience life.

I use nature as a consistent reminder to go with the ebb and flow in life.  I don’t see nature struggle during windstorms, snow storm, hurricanes etc. It just goes with whatever life demonstrates.  That is a reflection of our truth as well. Yes curve balls will come and go but when we just catch our breath, remain calm and go with the flow the down turns and blind-sided occurrences are so much easier to weather…

Love and blessings to all, and know  “you” are perfect in the eyes of the divine,  please be gentle with yourself as we are all innocent children of this grand universe who are remembering just how great we all are in this journey we call life.  🙂


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