THE Real McCoy


I laugh, I cry,

I run, I sigh,

So much effort put forth

And, God knows why…


I smile, and I feel,

I succumb to what’s real,

The stakes are high and I

Don’t know why?


I am on a ride,

Going fast, then slow

But I feel reassured

That somehow… I know


What is the next turn?

Where do I go?

It seems so fruitless

But, then…… there’s a flow…


Is this the right way?

Or am I living a lie?

Life shows up in

The blink of an eye


Feeling vulnerable

And, oh so revealed

Is this a weakness?

Or do I stay so concealed?


I look for a sign

And continue to roam

So many Detours

On my way home


Times of darkness and times of dread,

Helps me to open the doors ahead,

Revealing what true, & giving up the fight

By allowing Stillness, I embrace my light.


As the story goes on

And I move ahead

It becomes much easier

To surrender… And… be led.


Is this a dream?

a play of life

am I  the actress

with all of this strife?


The Ebb of the tides

So constant and

Moving, I now see a

Clearing, my vision is improving,


Courage, wisdom and love lead the way

How could I every have gone astray?

Awareness, trust, faith and joy

My compass for life

The real McCoy!


A quiet confidence now shining within

Knowing who I am is always a win,

It is wonderful to realize we all are so much

Impacting this world through all we touch


A breath of fresh air is waiting for us

When we drop the illusions & all of the fuss,

A spark of the divine so ready to ignite,

Step into your power & shine your light.

Janet DiTroia















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