Are You Willing?

be willing two

Are you willing to let go of the things that no longer serve you by sabotaging your ongoing efforts?  Are you willing to let go of the relationships that don’t nourish and support you? Are you willing to step into the truth about who you are and why you are here?  Are you willing to claim your power, live from that state of being & know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?

Are you daring to dream big and bold knowing everything you have is already within you?  Are you willing to honor every emotion that comes up even if it tears your heart apart? Are you willing to see yourself as beautiful exactly as you are, no matter how you look in the mirror, and what you have or haven’t done etc.? Are you willing to embrace that inner child who needs attention and wants to know what’s going on when she/ he is confused or feeling hopeless/helpless?  Are you willing to step into compassion and empathy for everybody and everything in your life no matter what?
Are you willing to forgive everything and everyone knowing that every person is doing their best based on their model of the world and level of consciousness? Are you willing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable ready to take it to the next level of inner growth and soul expansion?  Are you willing to let go of all the Illusions lies and beliefs of who you think you are to now embrace the unveiling of your magnificence?  Are you willing to let go of scarcity thinking and the illusion of insufficiency to truly embrace your abundance and Divine inheritance?  Are you willing to realize you are most deserving and worthy of the best life has to offer? Are you willing to see yourself as your creator sees you perfect in every aspect of your being, nothing broken or out of place, but divinely designed with a perfection Beyond understanding? Are you willing to speak to yourself with gentle words and kind thoughts knowing that you are a child of the universe navigating through the complex map of life?
Are you willing to realize you’re never alone & always cradled with unconditional love in the hands of our creator?  Are you willing to realize there is no such thing as coincidence and accidents, as everything is synchronistic with perfect intention?  Are you willing to step up and take responsibility for your life and your thoughts? Are you willing to embrace failure knowing success is just on the other side? Are you willing to make your dreams and your Visions manifest in your physical reality?  Are you willing to understand that when you get triggered by what people say it’s in regard to some deep feelings that still need to be processed within you? (Step out of blame and into self -responsibility ).

In the words of Wayne Dyer, one of the utmost Visionaries…
“It’s not that you don’t have the willpower or the ability to resonate with any of these truths – it’s that you’re not in a place of readiness, a student who is ready is a learner who is willing.”

Life will continue to give you tests adversities and challenges all delicately orchestrated to help you rise above and transcend to your higher knowing.  You have to be willing to connect to that knowing and look deeper within for all of your experience to flow with our grand plan. That is the road to real magic of personal transformation.

And.. one of the very very important thing to remember ALWAYS..

Are you willing to realize that you are God’s highest form of creation?

 Because the truth is you are and will always will be… 






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