The Truth Will Set You Free


I believe we live with a divine design of events and experiences occurring in the past, present and future –all happening simultaneously.  Being multidimensional beings of light there are a variety of realities that can present themselves for us to experience given the vibrational patterns we resonate out to the world.  How cool is that? I am just reiterating information that has been known for centuries by our greatest scholars. Yet so many of us do not recognize these very golden nuggets of wisdom. Do the research, you will find out- you are here with passion and purpose, that only YOU are capable of achieving, that is, when you allow the truth to be revealed.

We create our reality, yes, yes, I know we have heard that broken record so many times it makes our head spin. But maybe the constant reminders are necessary to help us wake up from the deep sleep of mistruths, misunderstandings and confusion we have bought into about us, and the world around us. Wouldn’t it be most wonderful to align with the reality of our dreams and visions?

It is tragic that so many people suffer in living unfulfilled lives, so sad and riddled with stress and unhappiness. I can’t help but question- When did this disconnect happen?  Our ancestors? The cosmos? The weather patterns? Our Genes? Who and what can we blame?


No one does any inappropriate give “their” model of the world.  The the good news is –It can be changed, YahooBut it is truly OUR RESPONSIBILITY to be conscious and determined to research, uncover and remember our deepest knowing’s. A relentless task for the spiritually conscious and aware.

Our conditioning and programming has helped to us to determine who we think we are. We have forgotten our natural state of being and are settling for less, much less that our creator has designed for us. As we go from second to second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day to day life continues to show up in the way we allow it too… If we want change we have to be determined and declare that we are deserving and worthy of better experiences, relationships, physical and emotional well- being etc. By making a concerted effort we are demonstrating self-love in being, doing and having our desires effortlessly come into manifestation. This is done by taking the time in learn, research and make a promise and decision to step into our power. Then with a vigor, excitement and knowing- claim it, live it, be it- then watch your life unfold in ways you could have, never imagined!

We are amazing drops from an abundant ocean, branches from the tree of life, an acorn ready to blossom into the magnificent pine. Let’s allow ourselves to harness our infinite power, then co-create a life that is most wonderful and fulfilling. It is a gift from out creator. And, I like gifts, in fact, I love gifts!  So when would it be a good time to open up our gifts and step into our deepest vision and dreams?  We owe it to ourselves and our world- Personal Transformation is the only road for long lasting happiness. Go for it and stand in the beautiful awesome light that you are.  Remember we are all connected at our essence, so when you help “you”, the rest of the collective reaps the amazing transformations.  Win-Win situation I would say. J

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