Eye of the Hurricane

eye of the storm
Have you ever crossed roads in your life when you felt completely vulnerable, helpless to whatever was going on…with little to no sense of which direction to go, this is not always easy to admit. The fact that we don’t  makes us feel as if we are at a loss or maybe even failing at life.  It’s not that we are safe or not protected, that the innocence in us, that inner child feels lost and confused at times. Certainly it’s great to always know all the answers, and maybe some of us think we do, but the truth is, in certain situations we don’t know the next step to take, and that’s ok.

Feeling vulnerable is normal especially when we are in the eye of the hurricane.  When we cross the bridge of heightened uncertainty, fear and many other negative emotions can show up, just know it is all part of the process in our human experience. Since everything is always ever-changing, this too will pass, the storm will move on then we can move to more confident ground. But in the meantime, how can we ever rise above some of these deepest emotions such as helplessness?

By admitting that it’s right there in front of us- completely honoring how we feel and giving a voice to it all. When we do this, we are acknowledging and honoring the child within.

This is not week by any means, in fact it is gift of love you can give yourself. Denying the truth of how we feel forces the emotion to lie dormant in our heart space. Rest assured it will come up again given life’s ups and downs. It may manifest into that pain in neck, or that sadness in your heart. From my experience I can tell you it is more painful when emotions are not revealed, it’s like a pressure cooker waiting to explode, and, explode it will.

Consider giving all of your emotions your time, energy and love by allowing their voice to come forth. Feel what your need to feel. Sit in the vulnerability, (or whatever other emotions presents themselves), Allow it to be heard, take some deep breaths, its ok, know it will pass, and your sense of relieve and healthy emotion well-being will ensue over time by letting go of this emotional baggage.

Please know, we don’t mean to consciously put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, but it is so important to remember to always value what we are feeling because when we don’t, we are closing off LOVE to ourselves and others.  Think about it, and next time something shows up be open to feeling it all, your heart will be glad you did!

*** May we always grow into our Magnificence as our spirit soars with Love…***




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