The Dance of Romance


 Every so often I spend time in my soaking tub to reflect, contemplate and meditate as I relax in the fragrance of my Essential Oils.  I close my eyes and just take in the stillness… so soothing and healing of the mind-body-spirit. Food for the soul I would call it.

But today’s soaking experience was especially replenishing and joyful. After a few deep breaths and positive affirmations I opened my eyes. There was a hint of something moving, so I got up and looked through the thin slit of the blind. As I gazed at the vast blue Nevada skies I witnessed a most delightful site. There were two birds engaged in the Romantic game of love, playfully nuzzling each other. Similar to human romance behaviors, I witnessed the game of  “playing of hard to get” by the female bird and the perseverance of the male bird – it was a sight to see.  I giggled to myself while keeping a close watch on the lovebirds. (No pun intended) The Romantic Dance of Nestling, and preening each other feathers, it was obvious the courtship was most nourishing and caressing. … But the best part of this romantic play was when the two met in a momentous moment of “beak to beak’ contact as if they were kissing…with such deliberate intention… My jaw dropped in astonishment  to see this and couldn’t get to my camera quick enough to get that picture, but I will always remember it in my mind.

Truly, you can’t make this stuff up. Think about it what probability of  deciding to take a soaking bath, and to notice out of a very thin slit in the window an act of “Bird Love.” The universe has inviting deliberate ways of gently reminding us in the joys in life such as the bliss of romance…so beautiful and timeless. There is no doubt in my mind as to why this presented itself to me, as I know God’s timing is perfect. Thank you!

Synchronicity is always occurring throughout life, it is a reminder of how there is a much grander magnificent force effortlessly at work on our behalf. Remembering to notice, and being mindful of your surroundings as this can ignite  passion and love of one another throughout each and every sacred experience. Life is portraying itself in a beautiful dance will we lovingly allow ourselves to take part?  please, by all means, join in …

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