Rah Rah Sis Boom Ba!


cheering on

Catchy right!? Cheerleading is a fun, active, and exciting way to celebrate. Now you may be asking yourself has this girl gone off the deep end, and I would graciously answer Yes, Yes you are right!  I have gone off the deep end… the deep end of needing, wanting, and yearning for someone else’s validation Especially to make decisions, take actions and to ultimately feel good about me.(ouch, that was painful).

Codependency of the finest, and with much honesty I can now say I lived my life this way for many years.  It took me a while to realize this-I was so busy twisting myself into a pretzel to make everything work. My attempts at controlling my outcome failed miserably.  Ok so it wasn’t the best of choices, but I was doing my best at the time. My cheerleading “not so fancy moves included: kicking myself in the butt, jumping through hoops, and screaming “Look at me, don’t you see meeeeee”  Could this ever be a cheer of any sort”?  It was a cheer of conditioning and negative programming that I learned throughout my life. But don’t cheers have the connotation of being happy, exciting an exhilarating for something or someone?  Yep, and I don’t think I was cheering myself on by any means.  Being proud of me was not my typical way of thinking, in fact it has never been my experience. All of my many influences never taught me to celebrate who I was. Not my parents, spouse, friends/peers, authority figures, teachers, media, etc.                                                                                                              

  My “not so fancy” moves came with the feelings of disillusionment and unhappiness. But, it was familiar, comfortable and secure at the time, or so I thought.  If I had to make decisions about what to do, where to go and who would I go with-I always knew. I came to the realization that I never really felt completely safe and secure in my own skin.  Do you? Certainty a question and many more questions to ponder.  What was I holding on to?  And, why was it so hard to let go?  Really, what are so many of us hanging on? And, why are we afraid to have faith, believe, trust and honor in ourselves.  I don’t have all the answers, I guess I forgot how to think for myself, I was just going through the motions. Ok then, I plead most lovingly guilty on 4 counts: lack of realizing my worthiness/value, lack of loving myself unconditionally, & an inability in accepting and approving of myself just as I am.

Do we rely on someone or something to feel our sense of completeness? I know this can be a difficult questions to answer but, if I might suggest consider answering with the utmost of honesty and integrity, you owe your Beautiful Self the Truth.

Embracing selflove, self-approval and self- acceptance are things we must all learn though our natural day to day experiences if we truly want to live a most joyous and fulfilling life.  As I navigated all the bumpy roads I came to understand I am the only one who is here to cheer me on, and of course, my connection with God, our creator and BIGGEST cheerleader.

Do you look for someone to tell you how beautiful you are? How special you are?  How much value you bring in the world?  I have found that the need for validation can be quite insatiable and, when coupled with codependency it can lead us down a path of crippling anxiety, emotional distress and/or addictions.  The time is now for many of us to dive into a deeper inner reflection of our beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions.  this has to occur in order for life-long transformation with reconciliation of the heart.  I can only speak from my own personal experience, as my life dramatically changed when I challenged what I once believed to be true about me and who I thought I was…

I am now my best cheerleader, ignited with a spark of light much more willing, confident and is ready to shine, as I am recreating my life according to my own deepest desires, values and beliefs.  Being in alignment with my Divine Nature is the golden nugget of wisdom we all deserving of… and as we continue to connect with the essence of who we are, (through meditation, nature walks, journaling, etc.) we are consistently Revitalizing, Rebirthing and Reawakening of the child within us.  Hallelujah!
We must all realize we have to answers to our own questions, but unless we give ourselves the space to do so, life will continue to be a array of constant reactions to cope rather than a welcoming of all the blessing here to help up thrive and expand our consciousness.

We are responsible for how we choose to feel and what choices we make on life’s journey.  Remember, fulfillment already resides in us, as does all of the wonderful words of wisdom to light the way.  It is up to us to uncover what already lies deep within, because when we do, our lives can dramatically change for the better. After all, happiness, health and well-being are our natural inheritance on this earthly plane, and I believe it’s high time we open ourselves up to what has been known for many centuries by philosophers and masters all saying the same thing‑ Live in the present moment…   uncover how amazing you are and shine your fullest light into the magnificent being that you were meant to be… I will always be cheering you on…  🙂


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