The Sweet Spot

Placeholder Image “The Sweet Spot’ is a place of peace & contentment attained by allowing your inside world to             be a reflection of your outside world”

          Since we are so much more than we allow ourselves to be…It is important to understand or, at the very least be open to the fact that when we feel Negative Emotions is a clear indication that we are out of alignment with our inherent sense of well-being and happiness. Experiencing disharmony shows us that it is time to listen closely because there is a part of us that is speaking by saying: Our perspective about a situation, person or event is incongruent with the deeper source within us, and/or  we’ve assumed something that is simply not true about who we are, or we hold past beliefs that do not serve us anymore, so we feel scattered, confused and just plain unhappy.

Having the intention to maintain a healthier perspective, one more in harmony with our soul’s wisdom is a key to living our life to the fullest. I know that is a lot to take in, but it is so worth exploring if we truly want to live a more fulfilling life. Yes, there is work involved, Yes, we may be in the minority exploring our deepest wisdom, Yes others may think we are crazy, but this is your life and you deserve the best. So leave the naysayers in the background and step in the resounding Yes to realizing who you are… Know you are a magnificent child of the Universe, and you absolutely deserve a wonderful, amazing, life filled with adventure, curiosity, service to humanity and the freedom to be your best self and shine your light no matter what……….

Consider taking notice to all experiences of disharmony as they are golden nuggets of wisdom guiding you to question prior assumptions, old beliefs and paradigms that are outdated and not serving you anyone else. Please take the time to be aware of your life, understand how you feel, emotions are the navigational tool to open the doorway of your transformation.  Don’t sit back and allow yourself to cycle in feelings of misery-YOU have the power to change your reality. And with the tools of creation: thought, words and action -you can be, do and have the life you so richly deserve.

It is important for you to remember, it is no accident we are all here during this time space continuum. You are here with a mission, a purpose and to fulfill that with a passion. A divine design is weaved into the delicate fabric of life and it leads the way for us to experience our lives being our best selves in whatever we choose to be…So hold much reverence for this most holy experience and be the greatest and  grandest version of who you are…for that is the true sweet spot of love…

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