Love Comes in Many Forms


Has there been a time in your life when you’ve been with a loved one who truly knew you… Maybe even better than you knew yourself?

Someone who looked in your eyes and could really feel the essence of your soul so much that you could feel it too. There doesn’t seem to be words to capture this deep meaningful experience, just a feeling of captivation with a deep sense of ecstasy and joy shared in brief moments of exchanging the gaze in each other’s eyes. Such tremendous Bliss – it may seem as if two Souls have blended as ONE. I know this love as I have felt it before in another place and lifetime. The sweet perfume of embracing our soul alignment…” I am.”  Nothing has to be said because words can’t even begin to capture the impact of this deep knowing…Tears seemingly stream down your face because you have completely come to the space of own Divinity. A place of complete acceptance and love.

So many of us wish to attain this heightened level of knowing , but have yet to embrace this self-realization… It is on the forefront of humanity…

In my human existence I have a deep love for many things: people, animals, children, nature, clouds, oceans, etc. the list is very long. But, as life demonstrates itself in all of its unfoldings we will embrace negativity, the condition, the attachment and everything else in the human existence. It is no surprise that the road can be quite rocky, and, with much adversity an challenge. Many times we forget how very strong we are-I have found serenity lies in our ability to embody unwavering faith, hope trust,  a knowing  which builds the resiliency muscle with all of life circumstances.

After all, we are here to overcome and rise above the bumps in the road and when we give ourselves permission to ride the waves it can unfold from a place of peace. Being mindful and in a heightened “awakened” state as the observer of “EVERYTHING” -we can come to realize all experiences through our senses only present part of the picture, the eternal movie, so to speak. Going within, to connect with our essence, is the real deal and always leads us in “love” to the Oneness/Divinity of we really are.

Love can show up in many ways from happiness and joy to sorrow and rejection etc. All here to give us a gently nudge in realizing the truth of our being.  When we open our eyes and see ourselves as our creator sees us; that is when the keys of liberation set us free for personal transformation and full expression of the grandest version and greatest vision of who we are meant to be…


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