Living in the Present Moment, Really?

beauty of our environment

As I spend time relaxing in stillness… I hear a voice saying “your waiting too long.”  My response is “Too long?”  Being the curious person I am, I ask, “about what?”  Then the voice answers: anything. ……”Why wait to live fully?” And, with passion? Live in this moment, love in this moment and embrace life fully in this moment, Janet play full on, Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  That is where you’re true power lies, in the present moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow and certainly not in the past.”

Ok, that was a lot of information to take in, apparently I need to look into this further.  Am I living my life by playing small without passion and purpose?  My response came to me easily.  Yes I, am living passionately in various aspects of life.  but not with everything.  So the next questions became…

Am I holding myself back? And, if so why? Is there fear of what I could become or would become?  That’s future thinking, got to change that. Am I afraid the past will repeat itself, geez, that’s’ being stuck in the past, got to change that. I know these changes are for the better. I just need to revisit my beliefs and perceptions about how I view myself  and my life in general.  I am all about personal development so it is time to recreate new perspectives, beliefs and thoughts…

We have been conditioned to look back and to worry about the future, rather than remain in the present moment. I know I have been conditioned in this way in fact the majority of people follow the same way of thinking, and it taken me many lifetimes to really look at these important empowering concepts.

Our power lies in the here and now, and for many that’s just freaking scary, what do you do with that?  Since I am the connoisseur of research I did my homework and this is what I have come to believe. If you don’t worry or create unnecessary anxiety about what happened in the past, and what could be happening in the future –YOU live in an awareness completely centered on the Here and Now.  That’s a lot to swallow but it does make sense.  Having a conscious willingness and desire to improve life for the better, Now we all have to put this knowledge into practice.  I suspect it will be ongoing as I know the rewards can definitely outweighs the alternatives, (Been there done that), so to speak.

I had this conversation with some friends and family they all looked at me like I had 3 heads. “What are crazy Janet? If I don’t worry about my future I could be living out on the streets? I have to be concerned about the future for my family and me?” If I lose my job God knows what could happen, my friend lost his job and they were struggling.”. These belief systems are the very disempowering words that stop people dead in their tracts, break up marriages/relationships and so forth. These belief systems and perspective are the very fabric permeating much of people’s stress by all the pressure people put upon ourselves… I do’t believe it is intentional, I do believe we are conditioned by fear and that becomes the driving force for many of our decisions. Vision requiring stepping out of the box of external reality and having unwavering trust and faith in what we can physically see.  That is where I am choosing as I live my life.

Choosing to live in the past or future robs you of the enjoyment today, it robs you of true living.  Author, Joshua Becker suggested 10 ways to live the present moment, I did tweak it quite a bit, see what works for you.  Maybe it would be worth considering  which ones are congruent with your mindset and way of life. Who knows you might find you can make wonderful changes that impact YOUR present moment!

1-Think beyond old solutions– this changing world is so fast paced, things that worked yesterday are outdated weeks, or months later. Don’t get stuck or locked into one and only one state of mind. Live from opening your mind to new viewpoints, perspectives and perceptions.

2-Conquer old addictions Do your best to conquer addictions as they keep you hostage and from living freely. Find help. Take steps and remove their influence they are having over your life. You deserve and are worthy of living a rich and fulfilling life.

3-Stop Worrying– How can you ever appreciate today when you are worrying about tomorrow? Since worry has never accomplished anything for anybody redirect your mental energy in more positive empowering ways.

4-Don’t dwell on the past when you continue to look back in the rear view mirror you miss what is directly what is in front of you.  Opportunities and experiences are just waiting for your focus and attention.

5-Be curious– dream, wonder and set goals and plans for the future. Take small steps to to realizing your dreams.

6-Love your job– If you just work to live you and just wait for the weekends to come and unwind you are just surviving, not thriving. Two suggestions can be helpful.  First, find something you appreciate about your current career and focus on that rather than all the negatives and secondly, consider finding a new job you actually enjoy.

7-Forgive all your past hurts –It took time for me to do this, and I’m so glad I did because I can’t even begin to explain how liberating this is. Forgive everyone & everything including yourself. This doesn’t mean you condone other people’s behavior,  but by releasing the inner resentment, anger, etc. that you are holding on too,  you are freeing you vibrant energy to focus on what’s really important-you overall well-being and happiness.

8-Live from an attitude of appreciation– be mindful of your experiences every day, notice and be aware. Your senses of smell, vision, touch, and feeling emotions are vital and open the doors of appreciation.

9-Smile just because…Have an intention to smile often, even for no reason. What a great way to start the day expecting good things to happen. I do this often and it really does make a difference in how you begin your day on the “right foot” so to speak.

10-Simplicity– Do your best to live a simpler life, ridding yourself of things you don’t need; including things from the past that do not serve you anymore & keep you stuck in the past.  Declutter your environment and your mind at the same time. A win-win situation Every so often I do this and it is quite liberating, plus it opens up new space for joy and contentment to flourish.

...Now these may not be all the solutions that produce dramatic change for you,  but I will say it is worth investigating your time and efforts to improve your life just take it one step at a time,  I know your worth you, do you? 🙂


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