ReBirth of Oneness

self love 1

I am so grateful, so appreciative, and I am celebrating this significant life empowering event…….Finally, I am broken into a million pieces with my emotional heart.  As the tears just kept coming and coming, tissue by tissue I graciously invited all the fears, doubts, anger, frustration, and heartache etc.  I wasn’t really sure when the day would come, when the moment would show up, and when the revelation of freedom and liberation would look me in the eyes and say… Janet, it’s time….

Opening up the deepest spaces of my being the truth has now revealed itself to me. Fifty-Eight years in the making I am so proud to now embrace every wound, every scar, every misunderstanding and every assumption about who I thought I was; separate, conditional, less than, not enough, unworthy of understanding, and incapable of realizing the truth about who I am and why I’m here.

I allowed the complete and utter dismantling of my heart, releasing all attachments and conditions,  with a sincere and authentic willingness to completely surrender to allow  the opening of the floodgates of inner transformation….then and only then could I welcome Divine Unconditional Self-Love.

In one sentence I will demonstrate the Ecstasy and the Joy that fills me…

It is when the soul sings and dances because the mind body and spirit are a “Self-Actualized” – ONENESS.

Many of us cannot even begin to understand this- but as a collective we are being primed for this moment of realization…and when it is fully realized our lives will never ever be the same.

The final trigger, and they were many over years was ending of the relationship- I had with myself… that I allowed for far too long…I found Forgiveness as the key for me, as it was the only way to embrace Self-Love. and love of everything else.

The teacher is ready, so now the master comes forth “Within Me.”

I feel like a child laughing and jumping for joy! So free of the chains and prison I unknowingly put myself into…Thrilled and Exited I AM bursting with happiness at the seams, as this free spirit and giver of life is now coming forth with a sparkle in her eye and a willingness to be all that I can be-as never before…




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