Just as the water demonstrates a beautiful Reflection from the trees it serves,  may we all be reflections of the beauty that’s within us and around us. As I sit here I am realizing how beautiful we all are despite our personalities and differences on the outside, we really do have a strong connection to each other from the Inner Essence of  Who We Are…. Nature so easily and effortlessly reflects its authenticity.  That is why I spend so much outside time reflecting, enjoying and replenishing  in Nature’s bountiful Gifts of Parks, Trails, Mountains, Lakes, and much more. This always provides a consistent reminder of the strength an resiliency within each and every one of us.   Nature easily goes with the flow of weather and mankind’s way of living, totally respecting our presence and always demonstrating  “All Is Well,” no matter what…It is a reminder for us to remember these words of wisdom and gently apply them in our life circumstance.

These picture postcard scenes are gifts for us to learn, revel and relish in. Nature brings forth tremendous meaning when we allow ourselves the time to focus on the stillness of messages that come forth from the quiet voice within. For it is the very place to embrace the allness of what is…Through hearing, seeing and feeling the beauty of the animals, the rich palette of color and the vibrancy of the surroundings it becomes clear as to what’s important and what is not.  I find trees, lakes, grass, soil, ducks, geese, etc. so filled with magnificence in every breath.  Nature guides us to the realization that beauty lies within each of us, and, when we take the time, energy & focus in this realization our lives will be enhanced in the most beautiful ways.

So many of us have forgotten how beautiful, loving, strong and compassionate we are capable of being. Some of us live in the illusion of looking as external circumstances, being our only reality. We forget our most deepest connection to our hearts is where the truth and empowerment lie.  Certainly no one, or nothing is to blame. But as we allow ourselves to step deeper and deeper into Stillness we can begin to realize  how wonderful we are and the unique exquisite talents and abilities that we possess and can readily brought forth.

The world is ready and waiting for us to dip our feet into the water of life,  but the question then becomes, are we ready to step into the unknown and embark on new adventures and experiences based solely on faith and trust?  Think about your response for that will help you to determine if you fully realize your greatness and are willing to embrace your full potential. There are no wrong answers just awareness.

When we are open to realizing why we are here on this planet we can step into the true and ultimate realization of our existence. With our mind, body and spirit ignited and inspired we take intuitively guided steps with confidence and determination.  Be fully fully of our infinite potential and limitless possibilities can be mind blowing- And what a magical journey this can be!  Becoming the true reflection of who we are, ensures our innate grace and purpose for being a radiant beam that shines like a beacon of light for all to see…

I send you blessings on your journey, may it be wonderful, exciting and truly emanating the true reflection of who you are…Unconditional Love….


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