The Inner Voice of Truth

Metaphorically speaking, do I need to have my plate full in order to eat? Does everything have to be perfect before I am willing to embrace new ideas? Why does it take many of us so long to make healthy changes in our lives? Is there an exact moment when the green light is on?  Or, do we have to wait for the exact job to line up before we accept work?  Do we keep dating any person that comes along just to have companionship whether it feels right to us or not? Do we stay in relationships with friends that complain all the time and dwell on what always wrong with their life instead of being in compatible relationships where we nourish, support and love one another?  All these questions and more I asked myself.

Does the familiarity of this resonate with you? Or maybe it is so easy to just stay still because it is hard to make changes in our lives.  Certainly there are many different ways to answer these questions.  What seems to be true for so many others is that making  change is uncomfortable, there too much risk involved, and the fear of what “could” happen.  Familiar things are comfortable and easier for all of us.  You know the old saying, “Don’t rock the boat” or don’t fix it if it’s not broken” Is this really true?

I challenged all those old sayings and began to ask myself why I am playing life small?  What risks am I taking to recreate a life more fulfilling and exciting.  Where is the passion? And, where the heck did all my creativity go?  Was it ever there, I think it was as a young child. I must have forgotten like so many of us…

So many of don’t challenge ourselves or live up to our highest of potential.  Who has really taught us this positive mindset of just being our best? All of our teachers, mentors, parents, authority figures,  I don’t see anyone at fault, I have come to believe people are just not aware of who they are…

After many years being a therapist, writing 6 books and speaking about self-love and empowerment I see, feel and understand myself and the world around me in new ways.  My personal journey had led me to develop new thoughts, words and actions that have dramatically changed my life for the better. Meditation, Journaling, Walks in Nature, Music, Dancing etc.. all have dramatically helped me to connect with me and the inner essence of what makes me tick, so to speak.  If I would live my life the way I dream and envision it to be, what would my most desired choices, look like? A loaded question which would ensue much speculation

It has taken me years to come to the realization that a most desired choice is the one that feels good.   A choice that really resonates “happy” on the inside.  This is the choice that is most in alignment with our infinite wisdom. Many times when we are at crossroads in our lives and have to make a serious decisions, just knowing this important piece of wisdom can make all the difference.  In my experiences I find that choices which resonate with my heart are the best ones.  I believe we have to be willing to step out of our heads and listen to the gentle words on the inside.  Family, friends, associates etc. may not agree with our decisions and that’s ok because what remains to be true and above all,  is loving, respecting and being honest with ourselves. We diminish our self worth when we dishonor who we are,, that hurts and impacts the very fabric of our life. Disregarding self acceptance, self respect and most of all self-love.

Think about it, are we here to make everyone else happy or to be our best?  When we choose us first, thats the light that shines for the world to see. This natural state of being makes the biggest impact on every we touch.  That is power and true self-love. This is a place of self-assurance, confidence, respect, empathy, etc   When I am my best I can then share, guide and empower others to do the same- a Win-Win situation for humanity and it doesn’t get any better than that…This is the kind of contagious energy we want to give out and receive in life…

It takes self-love, courage and confidence with an unwavering determination to step into our power. Sure, we can listen to the words of others, but and this is big but-when all is said and done OUR decisions have to resonate in “OUR” hearts.  It took me many years to realize this and then follow it through with conviction.  Being loving, compassionate and aligned with our thoughts, words and actions  allow us to embrace our highest soul’s destiny.

Many times over the years we forget that We have a voice.  For more years than I can remember I never listened to that  inner voice. Does this sound familiar? As many people live in this fashion and it’s not because we are bad or stupid, we just believe on some level that we can’t speak, we don’t know how to speak and who the heck will listen? ( that was me)   Many psychological professionals call that the “inner child.”  When he/she is not heard the voice gets louder and louder and almost screams-“listen to me please!!  There is also that voice of wisdom which knows all and can lead you down many paths of fulfillment when you honor its presence, Now that is the key!!!

   Have you ever ignored your gut feelings? I learned BIG lessons from this such as:  lost jobs, lost contracts, poor relationships, hurt feelings, despair, frustration, low self-esteem, heartache, aggravation, you name it..but here’s thing, all of these lessons helped me to grow! At the time of course I didn’t realize these pearls of wisdom, but now I know all of it; every tear and box of tissues has helped me to expand my way of thinking and create a much happier, healthier and loving life, and it can do the same for you.

Remember you are a strong person underneath all of the misery, sadness, and doubt. You can move mountains if you are willing to give yourself the rope to pull yourself up and out of the darkness of “less than”  thinking and living.  Your have the power, and the love of a universe that will support and love you no matter what!!!’ Can you be still,  connect with your heart desires and listen, really listen to your inner wisdom and inner child?

My dear friends.. if we really want to live happier, healthier and more joyful way of being we have to take steps, even little ones to get on the path of heart centered living.  You deserve the best of life offers, will you step up, listen to you heart and make gently shifts in how you love yourself? You are soooooo very worth of an amazing life, so  would now be a good time to open your heart to new perspectives and ways of being? I believe so, go for it and be your best self!




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